Stolen vehicle info

Posted on Friday, March 9th, 2018 at 2:51 AM

At just after 1 am the Lake Havasu City Police Department engaged in two separate high speed chases of a vehicle stolen out of Prescott, AZ. – The first on the highway southbound passing Hobby Lobby, up North Kiowa at speeds of approximately 70 MPH before losing sight of the vehicle in the area of Anacapa.  The pursuit then resumed at Kiowa and Lake Havasu Avenue when the vehicle at speeds eluded officers going up Industrial to Havasupai.

Picture of make and model:

If you see a white Ford Focus bearing license plate similar to CJ46174 please immediately call 928-855-6333 (PD non-emergency dispatch) and advise if your location, direction of travel, and number of occupants in the vehicle. If following, please go so at a safe discreet distance and continue to obey all traffic laws. Do not attempt to make contact or apprehend the suspect(s).

Thank you.

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2 comments on “Stolen vehicle info”

  1. Candace Rademacher Reply

    Me and my son witnessed this happening last night as we stood on the corner of Kiowa and Circle K scary and the chase continued throughout my neighborhood. I thought for sure the police would get him. I’m just thankful that me and my son did not get hurt and nobody else


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