Posted on Thursday, October 13th, 2016 at 11:47 AM

Stolen Vehicle Auto Theft

RP is advising their 24 year old daughter has stolen their brand-new 2016 White Nissan Versa from the 800 block of Cactus Drive, headed down Sandwood. The female is not license. The vehicle has a temporary plate of 012531A.

PD attempting to locate the vehicle.
PD now stating this is turning into a civil issue. Vehicle is not considered stolen. Driver has a warrant and is driving on a suspended license. 

11 comments on “STOLEN VEHICLE”

  1. Brian L Marble Reply

    So the police says it’s a civil issue? Aren’t the police civil servants to protect and serve or did I miss the memo, when there is a court order that you get to see your kid on Saturday and your insignificant other says no against a court order and the police say no that’s a civil issue? The court made an order for the police to enforce funny if it was the man keeping the kid they would arrest the dude. But that’s not the same or is it?So next time they ask for help I’m suppose to say that’s a police issue and ignore it?????????

  2. Cherith Morgan Reply

    This girl needs to grow up!!!! Obviously, now that the daughter has taken their car…. Parents need to cut her off completely!!!! No room and board!!!! No money!!!! No CAR!!!! CUT HER OFF!!! Otherwise the parents will end up with a 40 year old daughter stealing their car!!!!

  3. Sheila Rae Parry Zdanowski Reply

    The Daughters name is probably on the car is what makes it a civil matter. I just went through almost the exact same BS. Except my Daughter is 25 and when I found the car and went to take it back, she put her hands on me and got charged. I know where these people can get a blue 2016 Nissan Versa. I have one for sale!!

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