Shooting at 2 AM

Posted on Thursday, February 9th, 2017 at 11:41 AM

At 2:15 AM Lake Havasu City Police responded to a residence in the 2400 block of North Rainbow after the caller reported that her boyfriend shot at 3 black males that were attempting to take a vehicle from the location, he believes one of the males was hit.  Officers responded to the residence and detained two in the driveway.

Dispatch then advised that a male subject was at 2400 block of Tigertale Drive with a gunshot wound to the arm.  Fire-Medics and Ambulance responded to that location to treat.  This patient was transported to Havasu Regional Medical Center “Code 3” (lights and sirens).

The other two subjects location was unknown, but one of the other subjects was also believed to have been shot – E.R. was contacted and advised of the situation.  Bullhead and Parker hospital were also both notified.

LHCPD requested citizens “stay away from the area until further notice” on their Lake Havasu City PD smartphone app.

Cones were placed in the area to redirect traffic – closing off Eastbound traffic on Rainbow, and shutting off Everglades and Knobhill.

Detectives were activated and responded to the scene.

The male and female from the scene were transported to the Police Station for interview.

DPS and Mohave County Sheriffs was also notified and provided information.

After 3 AM, Two black males walked into the ER, one of them with a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

MCSO was advised the subjects showed up at the ER, and to disregard.

A vehicle was towed to the police station.

5 comments on “Shooting at 2 AM”

  1. mike k. Reply

    beginning of the report says, 3 males, ‘Officers responded to the residence and detained two in the driveway.’, the other one is found wounded on a different street, needs medical…. then it says a paragraph later, two more subjects location unknown, then they just walk into the ER.. so was there a total of 4 – 5 black guys, instead of 3, like the report first states ???

  2. Cereal Reply

    That’s like the entire black population of havasu. Must be from out of town because most of the black locals in havasu seem like good people.

  3. Hillary C Reply

    If you are gonna shoot someone, make sure it counts. Now these guys will want revenge for our community. Keep an eye out Havasu!

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