Shooting at 11:45 am

Posted on Saturday, July 8th, 2017 at 1:28 PM

The following story comes to us from Today’s News Herald:

According to reports made to police at about 11:40 a.m. Saturday a shooting occurred at two residences near Acoma Boulevard and South Palo Verde Boulevard.

Two people have been transported to the hospital with injuries. One suffered a head injury due to a rock and another suffered gunshot wounds, according to Havasu Fire Department Battalion Chief Mike Quijada. He added that the situation appeared to be a dispute amongst neighbors.

A reporter on scene is trying to confirm more information with police. They were not allowed to approach the residences where the shooting was reported.

UPDATE 12:15 p.m. Lake Havasu City Police say three men, who they would not identify, are involved in the incident.

Havasu Police Sgt. Frank Hayden says there is no threat to the public, but police will remain on scene to investigate. Two residences have been taped off.

Hayden said that during the incident one man threw a rock and another shot a handgun.

Police and Fire officials could not confirm how many gunshots were fired or other details on the mens’ injuries.

A third man is being interviewed by police.

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  1. Donna Dexter Reply

    the more people that carrie the more shootings there will be. please not in Havasu . leave your guns in house when angry or better don’t even own one.

      • Dale Hunt Reply

        No you have it wrong can a gun kill somebody by itself ?no can a crazy person kill somebody by themselves yes

    • Steve Newcomer Reply

      That is a ridiculous statement. If you want to live in a gun control/gun free City try Chicago. I am glad thousands of law abiding citizens in Havasu carry firearms everyday!!!

    • Drew Rotherham Reply

      While I am a firm believer in the idea that people should be able to do(and own) what they want(including guns), it is ridiculous to imply that her statement “more guns equals more shootings” is inaccurate.

    • Mark Hoffmier Reply

      GTFO here with that liberal bull shit. Don’t like it, leave and go to your safe haven and don’t forget to wear your safety pin. SMMFH…..

    • Sean N. Anderson Reply

      Way to assume that the guy with the weapon was automatically in the wrong. How about you wait until the investigation is done??

    • Chris Evans Reply

      while we can only speculate on what really happened it does say one person is in the hospital due to head injuries from a rock. now i ask you, if someone pulls a gun on you are you going to fight them with a rock? or is it more likely that if someone hits you in the head with a rock hard enough to supposedly require medical attention you might shoot them?

    • Landon Karlen Reply

      The more cars we have in Havasu the more collisions there will be. please Please PLEASE leave your cars at home when you go out.

    • Dorothy Whitman Reply

      Donna you might be in the wrong state. California may be the place for you, just saying

    • Colleen Hackett Lewter Reply

      Landon Karlen this would actually be true. The more people and cars on the road would result in more accidents. That is why larger cities have more traffic accidents. Obviously people are not going to leave there cars at home and comparing that to carrying guns is just silly. Although it is and should be our right to carry a weapon there are just too many people that do that shouldn’t. Think of the young men that go out drinking and then after they are drunk tempers start flaring . There would be a lot of them that would be stupid enough to shoot someone in anger while under the influence if they had a gun on them. So in this sort of scenario Donna’s statement would be accurate.

    • Kevin Jacobs Reply

      Colleen Hackett Lewter – nope… those fuckers are the exact reason to carry yourself and protect your own livelihood. A person would would never understand until they themselves have the experience of looking down the barrel of a gun.

      #FACT – your life is a second priority to even a police officer.

      Let that sink in. πŸ€”

    • Landon Karlen Reply

      Of course comparing cars to guns is silly. My entire comment is silly. That was the point. I figured that would be a given. Young men who go out drinking and have flaring drunk tempers? I know an incredible number of young men who go out drinking and don’t ever shoot someone in anger while under the influence. Happens every day, and every night. This isn’t the Wild West with saloons with swinging doors. Just about every vehicle in the parking lot of any bar has a gun under the seat. The statement you made would make one think every bar is a war zone. All of those young guys? If some fool started shooting in your direction, I guarantee you’d be finding yourself one to hide behind.

    • Colleen Hackett Lewter Reply

      My point was just to say that Donna’s statement is logical.And I am not talking about a war zone in a bar. I talking about the kid that goes out to his car and gets the gun out of the car and shoots the guy he is fighting with. If he didn’t have a gun the shooting wouldn’t happen. Or someone that shoots someone out of road rage… So even though you don’t want to give up your guns the fact is that more people carrying guns causes more shootings to happen. It is logic. Just like you saying more cars in the road more accidents is logic. Not everyone driving a car is a bad driver but there are some of them that shouldn’t even be on the road and more accidents happen because they are. And of course not all accidents happen because of “BAD” drivers. I know Not everyone carrying is level headed enough to be. We have guns at home and I don’t want to see them taken away But just because I don’t want the right being taken away doesn’t mean I can’t see the logic in Donna’s statement. And Kevin, your reason for carrying is a good one and like I said I am not debating that or saying that right should be taking away. I am just backing up the statement Donna has put out there and not sure why that is even an argument. And before tempers fly about my statement . I back your right to carry a weapon and mine and don’t want to see that taking away.

    • Colleen Hackett Lewter Reply

      I was just agreeing with the part that more weapons out there, the more shooting their are but I still don’t think our right to carry should be taken away.

    • Mathew Espinoza Reply

      Colleen Hackett Lewter …. again…. it comes down to foolish people making bad choices….. guns…. cars…. knives…. rocks….. all inanimate objects…. the common denominator to mayhem is the fact that people don’t behave themselves…. if everyone showed respect for other people’s differences and followed the rules (no drinking and driving… no drinking and fighting…. no drinking and shooting… no throwing rocks at people…. pay attention to the rules of the road and follow them…. pay attention while driving) we could reduce many tragic events….
      It all comes down to personal responsibility

    • Randy Price Reply

      I will say you throw rocks at me with intent to hurt me or worse, i will throw lead at you, but not to worry, my lead has hollow points, so you my not even feel it. Your choice.

  2. Tascha Vingochea Reply

    We should definitely have gun control laws I mean thank goodness Chicagos has control laws that worked so well otherwise they may have had more than the simple 100 shootings over last weekend.

    • Vance Bratko Reply

      I use to live in Chicago area, n they are very very strict about guns, and the gun control laws there actually did make a big difference in the amount of shootings. But it’s Chicago and they have a much higher population than here, so the shooting count will also be much higher than here.

    • Chris Evans Reply

      Vance Bratko how about their shooting count compared to other large cities like dallas? chicago was recently forced to start allowing concealed carry, unfortunately we cannot tell what effect it has had on crime due to the rise in violence across all major cities due to the controversy over police shootings and political unrest that bloomed around the same time period.

  3. Becca Halliday Reply

    You guys are hilarious but if it were your family member you would be devastated. None of you know the story and none of you know what is going on.

  4. David Ream Sr. Reply

    With out naming names that statement about Chicago was one of the dumbest things I think I’ve ever heard apparently he failed math also.

  5. Warren Langley Reply

    If you think gun control is a good idea then you are stupid as can be. Just look in the mirror and say “hi I am the next victim”

  6. Suz Plourde Reply

    The whole idea of taking away a legally carried gun is probably one of the dumbest things I’ve heard today. Because all the criminals out there shooting guns went about obtaining their weapon in a legal manner, right ?
    Give me a break ! I carry both open and concealed and will continue to do so. Anyone coming after me or mine will meet the business end of my firearm.

  7. Dave breitweiser Reply

    Never seen a gun walk out side and start shooting always have to have a person to pull the trigger.guns aren’t the problem it maybe the person who thinks it is better to use force

  8. Matthew Pentz Reply

    It’s crazy people go nuts after one shooting, it’s not like it happens everyday in Havasu and tons of people carry including myself. Wait till the investigation concludes then state your opinions about this specific case. If it was unjustified I have faith our justice system will prevail. If it was, thank god he was carrying.

  9. Paula Ross Reply

    I think u guys making smart ass comments are rude as fuck.. my brother in law was shot 3 times and remains in icu.. this is not something to joke about..

  10. Laura Brenenstall Reply

    So was it the pencils fault the word was misspelled?

  11. Matthew Pentz Reply

    Yeah so u can’t really get struck by a rock, go inside, grab ur glock, then go back outside and cap a dude… upon further review, a crazy gun nut in my mind. Too bad the old man wasn’t carrying to respond 🀣 jp it sucks to see people overwhelmed take charge and make bad decisions. I think the policies in effect and the charges are just. I hope we all continue to understand the responsibility of a gun owner and never let bad judgement get in the way. Thanks for the follow up.

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