Self Inflicted Gunshot Wound to the Head

Posted on Monday, October 24th, 2016 at 11:19 AM

PD and FD called to a residence where PD located a male subject with a self-inflicted gunshot to the head with agonal breathing. CODE 4 for FD to enter upon arrival.
Address is 3600 block of Tarpon Drive. 

At approximately 11:32 am the subject was pronounces deceased. 

Detectives and ME en route. 
Chaplin en route. 

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58 comments on “Self Inflicted Gunshot Wound to the Head”

  1. Debbie Reply

    Prayers for God’s intervention, prayers not only for this gentleman, but also his family for strength.

  2. Daphney Gustafson Reply

    I’m glad he or she didn’t suffer for very long in that much pain. But it is very sad that they only had one option to stop the paid they were feeling emotionally.
    Prayers to the family and friends. There are a lot of us who have been affected by suicide. We know how you must be feeling and if the family ever feels this is their only option I hope that someone in their lives shows them there is more.

  3. Tammy Reply

    So sad, Prayers to the one who felt life wasn’t worth living any longer no matter the circumstances. And also Prayers for the family and friends that he left behind to deal with their loss.

  4. danceswithskunks Reply

    My thoughts and prayers for the family and friends left behind.

    I’ve noticed a lot of attempt suicides or completed suicides here in Lake Havasu since we move here in Jan. I wish there were more groups here for those who are suicidal, and for those left behind. I’ve had a total of at least eight people in my life commit suicide. I stopped asking God “Why?” a long time ago. Even though in counseling I am told it’s not my fault, sometimes it’s difficult to believe that.

    My close friend who was like a brother took his life and I’m still trying to deal with that. For those of you who have been left behind, you know what I mean by “dealing” with it. You NEVER get “over” it. Since I found out about my friends suicide in Jan, this year, every single day and night, the same thoughts come back to me. Could I have stopped him? Did I let him down? Wasn’t there anything I could have said or done to help? Is he suffering now? Where did he go? Is he in Heaven or Hell? Etc., and so on.

    The thoughts come back like a broken record. Out of all the suicides in my life, I was very close to two, and a third was my very own doctor who spent countless days helping me, only to pull over at some motel and put a gun to his head. I can’t say I don’t understand because I have been there myself – except I got help.

    When we moved here in Jan. this year, I noticed the high suicide attempt and completed suicide rate, and it’s alarming. WHY?? I looked online for suicide prevention and survivors of suicide in Lake Havasu, and didn’t find anything. Maybe I looked it up wrong. Why aren’t there more support groups here? Luckily, I found some online groups that I joined that have been helping me cope.

    I wish someone would start a group to help those in need. At least find out WHY the suicide rate seems so high here, and try to address it. Too many people shun the subject and look down on those with suicidal tendencies, and that’s a shame because once they’re gone, you can’t help them. That’s why I chose to speak up, regardless of what someone thinks about me. Judge me – I don’t care. The city has domestic abuse awareness all this month of October. What about suicide awareness month? Why not start something to help?

    • Kelly Winiem Reply

      They had or have a couple groups here. I wouldnt recommend the SurvivorLHC though. Hospice has a support group.Look into theirs. The people who run the group at Hospice are educated and trakined. They arent biased and wont shun you or speak negatively of you/judge you.


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