Thunderbolt Message regarding Valentines Day 

Posted on Saturday, February 11th, 2017 at 1:46 PM

​This message was sent to Thunderbolt parents, but says “district wellness policy” and was believed to apply to all schools in the district. It was not our intention to provide misinformation. Please check with your child/grandchild’s teacher for specifics

With Valentine’s Day approaching on Tuesday, we are asking for your cooperation to help us keep as much normalcy as possible.  Please do not allow your child to bring candy, cookies, cupcakes, or other food items in compliance with our District Wellness Policy and possible food allergies.  If stuffed animals, flowers, or other items are brought or delivered to school, please be aware your child will not be able to keep them in their possession and the items will remain in the office for the day.  Thank you in advance for your help. We appreciate you.

9 comments on “Thunderbolt Message regarding Valentines Day ”

  1. Sue Blanchard Reply

    Please note this message is from Thunderbolt Middle School, not the District. Other schools may vary.

  2. Maria Davis Reply

    What is wrong with people these days? Where did these adults come from?
    These celebrations were always so fun when I was in school. Sad just sad!

  3. Diana Warren Carroll Reply

    This is awful the people that put these practices into effect must have had terrible childhoods and want everyone else to suffer for it. This is so wrong! Very sad. 💔

  4. Leticia Reply

    This is so sad! I enjoyed taking surprises to my kids and now I can’t enjoy or share this with my grandkids! What is our town our society turning into? Holidays should be fun like they used to back in the days! Just so so sad😞 It’s all getting taken away from all ages!

  5. NaziHavasu Reply

    Keep as much normalcy as possible? But it’s not a normal day. It’s Valentine’s Day. We really need to crack down on Valentine’s Day celebrating?? It’s a school, not a prison. Stop trying to run it like a prison. You already have your uniforms. Home schooling is looking better and better.

  6. Kent C Reply

    Kids that come from Lhc have a severe dis advantage because of how horrible the schools are run out here. There might be a good teacher out there, but overall it’s a sad attempt at schooling. Parents please just keep your kids home on Valentine’s Day and go see a movie, go on a hike, or teach them a life lesson that they would never get at school.

  7. Trish Reply

    I so wish that kids could be kids these days. I know it shows in my children’s enthusiasm. My oldest hated to miss a day. My daughter was a little less enthusiastic and my youngest, it’s a chore everyday. As adults don’t you look forward to special events? Well kids need to too. Happy Valentines Day kiddos.


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