School Bus Accident 

Posted on Monday, November 21st, 2016 at 7:19 AM

School Bus vs. Truck accident at McCulloch and Daytona. PD and Medics on scene. First initial third person repeated the Female Bus  driver has been taken by ambulance to the hospital, however a post reader states she did not:

All students on board are OK. 
We have a report the driver may have traveling in the wrong direction, leading us to believe the driver may have had a medical issue. 

More to come as available. 

Students have loaded a second bus and are back en route to school. 

User submitted photo:

DR #7641

8 comments on “School Bus Accident ”

  1. Jackie Gray Reply

    Prayers for the driver. My mom in california is a bus driver and this is why i worry about her.

  2. Steve Reply

    Thank God the children are OK. Too many times some school bus drivers violate the speed limits in this town. May be the school district needed to supervisor their bus drivers better! (Including their medical certifications)

  3. Julie Streeter Reply

    The Bus Driver was NOT taken from the scene….she was fine….finished her morning route

  4. Raul medina Reply

    Two students got taken to the hospital and it was not the bus driver fault !

  5. Stephanie Reply

    Will there be an update to this report? There are a lot of rumors going around.

  6. Sharon fisk Reply

    Regardless of who is at fault, by LAW the driver was to be taken by DPS to a faculty for a drug test! To find she was aloud to continue the route is totally illegal. Sounds like the LHUSD transportation department is slacking.
    Hope everyone is fine.

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