Roll-Over Vehicle Accident

Posted on Monday, May 23rd, 2016 at 1:35 PM

PD and FD en route to Meadows and Palo Verde for a report of a rollover vehicle accident in which a Jeep Cherokee hit a mailbox before rolling. One occupant out walking around the vehicle.

FD Engine arriving on scene stating vehicle is on it’s roof. All occupants appear to be out of the vehicle.

15 comments on “Roll-Over Vehicle Accident”

  1. Amanda Lain Reply

    I hope everyone is ok but people need to slow down. How do you flip going 25-35 mph as posted on those two roads… 🙁

    • Patty Chalecki Reply

      I was the person in the red truck and what I say next is towards all the drivers that passed this scene before Police/Fire Fighters got there…..slow the hell down. People were there trying to help the driver and direct traffic but drivers going past just did not care. Some people wouldn’t even pull over into the middle lane and drive slow (even though my truck had its flashers on and helping direct traffic). Shame on all of you but most of all, a big thank you to Lake Havasu Police and Fire Department for their quick response!!!!!!

    • Amanda Lain Reply

      It makes me sick that so many people not only refuse to help but won’t even be courteous when something happens… glad everyone is ok


    you know ive know rick for yrs and he doesnt drink or do drugs it happen so fast he just happen to look over to the passenger seat to get some thing and he hit some thing in the road and next thing he knew flipped the jeep i mean a complete roll total out the jeep but i just wanted to get the story straight he doesnt drink or do drugs and there was no drugs found in his jeep thank you


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