Road rage turns into accident 

Posted on Friday, August 5th, 2016 at 2:04 PM

RP advising of a road rage suspect was rear ended at South McCulloch and 95. Original suspect continued on. Information passed onto DPS. 
PD en route to accident. 

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28 comments on “Road rage turns into accident ”

  1. Megan W Reply

    My husband said there was just a white Chevy truck veering all over the road around the water safety center on hwy 95. Prayers for the safety of all the drivers and emergency personnel!

  2. Gale Taylor Reply

    I had a truck white pick up top blue black graphic body orange container in bec. White guy. Blond beard almost rear end md. Driving crazy up McCulloch .He literally pulled to my right side at one point. He ran me and the car in front off the road basically to get away from him. Couldn’t see the pkates. Not sure if local. Looked like a construction dude. He made a left on Acoma off of N mcculloch. So Scary. About 2om

  3. Gale Taylor Reply

    Crazy truck insane driver almost rear ended me Downtown McCulloch 2pm I pulled over as car in front of me did too. Wild eyed white man blond hair beard. Truck white top and blue black graphics. Couldn’t make licence platwmade left on Acoma from MCCULLOCH NEAR SMITHS
    Scared for my life. Big orange box in bed of truck.

  4. Haley Cooper Reply

    ^^^I was on McCulloch too today near Smiths. A large white Chevy truck with a middle aged man was riding my tailgate all the way up McCulloch even though I was going five over. He then proceeded to cut me off and enter my lane and then slammed on his breaks right in front of me and stopped in the middle of the road as if he was going to exit his vehicle. I changed lanes to go around him and to prevent an altercation and as I passed he was screaming out of his window at me as if I was at fault. Sounds a lot like what happened to Gale Taylor too.

  5. Jennifer Rosina Kanady Reply

    So tired of these drivers. I had a driver try to ram my car in the rear so many times. I I would stop I knew she would want to fight so I drove off and I saw a cop and was thankful but them got arrested for speeding and this stupid road rage gorl got away with it. I gave the pics and plate of her to pd and they did nothing.

  6. Christian Michael Nelson Reply

    Im sick of all these ppl to everyone is in such a damn hurry they dont seem to care if they cause an accident and hurting someone they should keep distance when driving and not but an inch off your bumper what if you had to stop quick all they care about is themselves not caring about the safety of themselves or anyone else

  7. Crystal Wise- Escott Reply

    It ended at my husbands work right in front of his shop at standard wash. They arrested him. My husband said it looked like the guy was on something. Crazy.

  8. megan w Reply

    My husband says that sounds like the same guy, but he saw him on the highway heading south a little after 2 and that he went past Acoma towards mcchulloch S. I wonder what his path was.


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