REPOST: “LHHS Lock Down Drill”


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The following post comes from a parent of two students at Lake Havasu High School. We invite you, our members, to sound off on the topic.

“LHHS just had a lock down [roughly 2:00 PM] but they did not notify anyone it was a drill. I got a message from one of my kids saying the school was on lockdown. A text to the other kid went unanswered. First attempt to call the school was transferred to the district. Second attempt got me to the attendance office where I was told it was a drill and quickly asked who my kid was and how I got the message.

I’m all in favor of drills and having students be prepared for as much as possible. The school should let people know they’re drills or else it’s all fun and games until scared parents start showing up!”


Were you alerted to a Drill? Did you receive a message from your student that may have caused you concern? We want to hear from you.