PRESS RELEASE: Saturdays capsized boat incident 

Posted on Monday, September 26th, 2016 at 2:20 PM

This just in from Mohave County Sheriff’s 

Mohave County Sheriff’s Waterways deputies responded to a capsized boat accident in the north Basin near Site Six on Saturday (9/24) afternoon at about 3:53 p.m.   While enroute, dispatch advised that there was a baby unaccounted for.  Upon arrival, on the shore north of Pittsburgh Point, deputies observed a 1995 Hurricane deck boat upside down in the water just off the shore.  All subjects were on shore and saying the baby was still under the boat.  A deputy immediately jumped into the water wearing his diving gear.  The deputy was having difficulty in getting under the boat as it was laying on the ground in the water.  About 4 to 5 emergency personnel lifted the boat up on its side, while the deputy went underneath the boat and swept the baby out from underneath.  A MCSO Volunteer Boating Officer saw the baby and pulled her from the water.  Lake Havasu Fire Department personnel immediately started administrating CPR on the 18-month female baby while she was being transported on their vessel to Site Six for an awaiting ambulance.  The infant was transported to Havasu Regional Medical Center and airlifted to Phoenix Children’s Hospital where she is currently listed in extremely critical condition.

Investigations determined the wind was blowing approximately 15 to 20 miles per hour from the northwest causing 2 to 4 foot waves to break on the shore.  The boat operator, Jose Ortega, 43, of El Centro, California, advised they were traveling to Crazy Horse campground from the south basin.  Ortega further advised that they encountered rough waters including wind and waves as they traveled around Site Six.  As they continued, the boat was taking on large waves over the bow.  Ortega instructed 5 to 6 people that were sitting in the front half of the boat to move to the rear half of the boat.  The boat continued taking waves over the bow.  Ortega turned toward shore trying to keep the bow up.  As they approached shore, the boat capsized.  There were 12 people onboard including the infant.  All but two people were wearing PFD’s (personal floatation device).  The infant was wearing a PFD.  Everyone on board are from California.  The parents of the baby were onboard when the boat turned over.  No other injuries were reported.  Alcohol in not believed to be a factor.  This accident remains under investigation. 

27 comments on “PRESS RELEASE: Saturdays capsized boat incident ”

  1. Josh Baker Reply

    How in the hell do 11 people just sit there and stare at the boat while a baby is under it waiting for ems to arrive I will never understand. 5 emergency personel lifted the boat up, i bet 11 could have picked it up walked it on shore and put it on the trailer.

  2. Vicki Smith Reply

    Why were they on the shore ? If that was my kid I’d be beating a hole in the bottom of boat to get to that child. I would not stop till I got to her or drowned myself WTF .

  3. Scott Wensel Reply

    Stupid fucking people !!! Put the driver in fucking jail ! Wtf who wouldn’t swim and do everything to save that child ? Fucking ass holes standing on the beach ..FUCKING REALY !! Say what you want that’s murder in my eyes !!

    • Ara Lee Schuler Reply

      That don’t look like the boat I seen! Someone had taken a photo of what was left of the pontoon that flipped 1/2 of it was gone! :/ this person witnessed or came up on the accident ! Hummm

  4. Carolyn Reply

    I am with everyone else on this.. you mean to tell me out of the 11 people there wasn’t at least half of them big strong men and they could not stand there and lift the boat???

    If that was an 18-foot Hurricane they had no business having that many people onboard. We had a 20-foot Hurricane inboard for 10 years and we were able to run it in a lot worse waves than described Saturday on Havasu, but we had plates on it and were able to put the nose up and never had waves coming over the bow. I thought the 18-footers were outboards and a lighter boat??? We never took more than 8 people on our boat – which is what it was rated for – People need to know the boat weight rating is there for a purpose!!!!

  5. Corey Kelly Reply

    Pieces of fucking shit. 12 adults and not one of those fucking losers could do shit but stand there like a fucking moron.. All of those morons deserved to be under that boat.


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