PRESS RELEASE: Runaway/Missing Juvenile Located [AGAIN!]

Posted on Wednesday, March 9th, 2016 at 11:46 AM

PRELUDE: You might remember the community wide search 2 years ago for “Roxy Damrau”, the 11 year old who’s Facebook profile depicted a rebellious pre-teen flipping off the camera – that ran ahead of her grandpa while he was taking her on a walk in the area of Rotary Park, only to be found by Mohave County Sheriffs Department hiding from everyone with an older male behind the dumpster at Circle K off Lake Drive and Highway 95 – the runaway. Several hours and several volunteers assisted with Mohave County Search and Rescue along with Lake Havasu City Police Department, while the grandfather slept in his vehicle in hopes that she would return…

She was at it again…

Mohave County Sheriff’s Office along with the FBI, Mohave County Probation, Department of Child Services and National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, are pleased to report that the runaway/missing juvenile from Topock has been safely located in New Orleans, LA., on Friday (3/3) afternoon. Skye Roxanne Damrau, 13, was last seen on January 18, 2016 as reported in a February 4th press release. A concerned citizen contacted the sheriff’s office and provided information about Damrau, after learning through the internet site of National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that she was a runaway from Arizona. Damrau is currently in custody with the New Orleans Police Juvenile Division and will soon be reunited with relatives in Topock, Arizona. This case remains under investigation.

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13 comments on “PRESS RELEASE: Runaway/Missing Juvenile Located [AGAIN!]”

  1. Misty Moore

    No way shape or form should she be allowed to return to her grandparents. It’s obvious they can’t take care of her. She needs juvenile detention along with mental help. One day she will get herself raped (if not already) and murdered!

  2. Patricia Perez

    Thank You!^ She should not keep being sent back to those that can’t keep her. Send her to Juvi for a year and let it straighten her out.

    • Kelsi Payne

      Juvy can actually be worse then actually helpful. In this situation, maybe military school boot camp or even boarding school with counseling, but she’s young juvy can in many cases can cause more harm then good :-/

  3. Natalie Brown

    Wow sounds just like my loser sister ha! Juvie didn’t straighten my sister out, she got out and immediately got knocked up at 16 now she has a 3 year old, can’t keep a job to save her life, and is dating a gay man so she can keep a roof over her and her kid’s heads and she doesn’t have to put out. The best thing for this girl is boot camp. They even have ones where you can hire two large men to come out and fake kidnap your kid.

  4. Lisa Thompson Modler

    Send this girl to boot camp or something rather than back to torture her family and make them worry over and over again. She looks alot older than 13 and eventually will probably get some innocent man in trouble by lying about her age!!!

  5. Mayra Soto

    She’s lucky to be alive. I am so glad she’s been found…but she clearly needs professional help, and soon.

  6. Heather Nicole Freely

    I’m wondering if she’s been abused, I know from experience that an abuse victim can lash out like this & try to run away. She needs professional help & not placed back in a place that can be harmful to her, someone needs to listen to her & find out why she keeps running away.

  7. Kelsi Payne

    I’m sorry but in a situation like this, especially when she’s traveled to the side of the country, she needs to seek counseling, until she can comprehend what’s going on in her life this will keep happening. There is much obviously we don’t know about the circumstances, but she needs help not juvy but maybe boarding school, and counseling. If she keeps returning to the same residence she keeps wanting to escape then this will be an everlasting situation where she runs away. Instead of punishing her, she may need someone to confide in, someone to listen to her, sympathize with whatever she’s going through. Maybe something traumatic happened and her only way of coping is running away from problems verse realizing how to deal with them one on one. She needs support but definitely not to put her in a group home, foster care or even juvy. Seek out boarding schools, military boot camp, counseling, etc.

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