PRESS RELEASE: Police release name of man killed in stabbing

Posted on Friday, November 4th, 2016 at 10:51 AM

The following news story published by Today’s News Herald’s Haley Walters, republished with permission.

Lake Havasu City Police released the identity of a man stabbed to death in a Havasu motel room early Saturday morning.

Kevin Hoover, 53, died from his injuries sustained during a fight after he and three other men entered a motel room in the 2000 block of West Acoma Blvd and attacked a 55-year-old-man.

Kevin Hoover Facebook Photo

Kevin Hoover Facebook Photo

The attack victim later told Police he fought back against the men with a knife, stabbing one of them. The attack victim suffered a head injury during the altercation and police say he was covered in blood when they found him standing outside the motel room.

Hoover was dead when police entered the room.

Immediately after the stabbing, the other three men fled the motel. Police are still trying to identify them.

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information may contact the Lake Havasu City Police Department at (928) 855-1171 or Silent Witness at (928) 854-TIPS (8477). Anonymous text messages may be sent to 274637.

The below information was located in research by Havasu Scanner Feed.

Upon attempting to find the above photo of Kevin Hoover, we found his last FB posts to be:

Kevin himself created the below image:

On his FB profile, he is seen publicly fighting with individuals.

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14 comments on “PRESS RELEASE: Police release name of man killed in stabbing”

  1. Tammy Reply

    I didn’t know Kevin but did some FB and what I read shows a man with some kind of dark demons hidden inside. I truly don’t think his actions were done with the purpose of dying or even getting hurt, only he has the answers to that at which he ended up dying with. However, whatever it was he was dealing with I Pray he is now at Peace.

  2. Seriously Reply

    A bunch of 50 year olds busting into hotel rooms beating people up?? Really? Grow up you dumb fucks. What kind of degenerate 50-somethings does havasu have running around? This isn’t normal behavior for men approaching their golden years.

    • S. Katniss Skye Beauregard Reply

      With your ignorance, lack of knowledge, naivety and a low class vocabulary…who are you to pass judgement on another human being? Were you there? No, so you have absolutely NO idea about why he went there. Let’s not overlook the fact that Kevin isn’t here anymore to tell HIS side of the story. The man who took his life is, in YOUR eyes, a “50 something degenerate” as well. I’m not gonna say Kevin did the right thing, and I’m not gonna say that B***a did the right thing, either. A human life was lost, and I think it’s in poor taste, trashy and low for you to judge a dead man, the victim of a HOMICIDE…justified or not. It’s the job of our judicial system to decide what happened and who was at fault and what crime they’ve committed…it’s NOT yours, it’s not mine. I just can’t believe how cold and callous people like you can be. You walk around with your nose in the air, thinking you’re better than others. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

  3. S. Katniss Skye Beauregard Reply

    I knew Kevin, and like everyone he had flaws. People talking crap don’t even know WHY he went over there! He was partially disabled and it would’ve been easy to neutralize him without deadly force. don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that three men attacking one guy is fair in any way, but unless you know him you don’t know the reason why he went there in the first place. let’s just say No Good Deeds go unpunished. he definitely handled it the wrong way comma he shouldn’t have taken the law into his own hands but that’s the mentality of a lot of people nowadays unfortunately. he wasn’t a terribly likable person, but he was a human being he was a person. he had family and friends who care about him and love him and they’re having to suffer a tremendous loss. I’m sure that the killing was not intended to happen, I don’t think the attacking victim whose name I should probably leave out since the police have not released it, MEANT to kill Kevin. rest in peace Kevin

  4. Jessica Reply

    I agree men should not attack or steal from anyone nor deserve to be stabbed to death against people that probably didn’t have weapons on them. Kevin was a very nice helpful man that made some bad life choices and cared way too much about a woman who used him up, spent all his $ and messed with his feelings for years left him depressed and broke at times. If his head was clear as if he got all his surgeries done been in less pain and worked again he could have gone far in life and met a lady and been happy again is what I believe. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time probably messed up in the head or he would be alive still, sad he went out like that. Hope they catch the others guys that fled and sorry for the man that was attacked for some reason who knows what they wanted. Rip Kevin

    • S. Katniss Skye Beauregard Reply

      Amen, very well said, Jessica. People who don’t know ANYTHING about Kevin or what happened, shouldn’t be running their loud, judgement mouths. I wasn’t terribly fond of Kevin, but IMO, given his physical disabilities, there wasn’t any reason I can see how it was justified. Why did B***a stab ONLY Kevin? He didn’t need ANY weapon to defend himself from Kevin. Be at peace Kevin

  5. cindy Reply

    I DONT BELIVE IT,THINK ABOUT IT kevin and 3 guys..Against one guy,ok and that guy gets loose qrabs a knife and stabs just Kevin..and his 3 friends just stop doing whatever and run away…COME ON THEY THINK THERE BAD ASSES TO GO THERE AND BEGIN TO DO THIS,,WOULD U STAND BACK ,,NO ONE KNOWS THE ONLY 3,THAT RAN OFF…..BULLSHIT …I DONT BELIVE IN VIOLENCE NOR FIGHTING,NOR IF WHAT THEY SAY KEVIN WENT THERE…BUT JUST THE STORY DOESENT ADD UP..I new kevin very well,he had alot of bad,anger,built up in him…But he also had a heart ,forever at a lose,I only pray hes sitting with his brother,and mother up there,and he rest in peace..

  6. Apostrophe Reply

    That’s funny. Someone who can barely create a legible sentence is insulting the vocabulary of others lol. If 4 drugged out, mentally unstable losers break into my property and assault me like they did, you bet your ass I’ll be using deadly force. Oh, that’s not fair? Put yourself in the victims shoes. You’re in your room sleeping, minding your own business when 4 shitbags run in and beat the hell out of you. Just because one of them got caught and paid for his dumb choices with his life doesn’t change the fact that he was a criminal who broke into a persons room and viscously assaulted that person with the help of 3 other thugs. Let’s not forget who the actual victim is and be thankful he didn’t lose his life that night to the hands of 4 career criminals. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  7. cindy Reply

    People like you that have to attack are try and make fun of someone for giving there opinion,,Whats wrong with world,everyone is ititled to say how the feel..No means in any way,is it right to attack anyone,I never said Kevin was right (If he went there to attack,rob,do anything)thats completly not right…Im saying is theres more to the story ,,come on any normal person can see that…

    • Apostrophe Reply

      Exactly. I’m giving my opinion about the dumb cunt that insulted the other person who gave their opinion. Don’t be a hypocrite.

  8. Chris Lay Reply

    Kevin was my roommate for a short time. He was a good man that had a lot of physical pain. He had prescribed meds that led to addiction to other drugs. Nothing good ever comes out of addiction. Desperation takes over and that cost him his life. RIP Kevin

  9. Billy Reply

    I don’t believe for ONE second that those 4 went in there with ANY other intention but to rob the guy. I also knew Kevin he was NOT this soft kind man that you folks are crying for. Maybe at one time he was but this day and for a long while he’s been in BAD shape. Drugs will make you do things that maybe you wouldn’t do. But that was his choice. Instead of facing his addictions and TRYING to fix them he just sold his meds to buy illegal drugs. He made a costly decision to try and rob someone NO doubt to obtain either money or dope. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. I pray for him and ones that loved him. I’m in NO way saying that I’m happy he lost his life. It’s EXTREMELY tragic. But what I don’t understand is WHY they aren’t hunting down the other 3? They went IN intent on committing a crime and in doing so someone died…they’re responsible for MURDER. They need to be held accountable and found

  10. Lynne Hoover Reply

    Kevin was our family. We knew him well, unlike many of you making comments. He did have a good heart and was a kind person….when sober. His pain became a problem and then an addiction. Obviously that changes people. He made choices as an addict, not as a sober person. Ultimately it cost him his life. The pain is still the same for our family, regardless if it was the addict Kevin or sober Kevin. If anyone knows about the 3 others…..please inform the police or us, you can do it anonomously.


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