PRESS RELEASE: Kingman PD investigates LHC officer involved shooting 

Posted on Wednesday, October 26th, 2016 at 12:10 PM

The following is the official information received by Kingman PD regarding this morning’s incident. 

The Kingman Police Department is investigating an officer involved shooting that occurred Wednesday morning, October 26th, at about 12:40am, in Lake Havasu City during the service of a search warrant at a home in the 1600blk. of S. Palo Verde Blvd.  The search warrant was in relation to an ongoing drug investigation. The LHC PD SWAT team served the warrant. Upon entering the home the SWAT team was confronted by a male subject armed with a handgun.  The male subject, later identified as Charlie Gonzalez, 21 years old, is reported to have raised the handgun and fired one time at the uniformed SWAT team. At least two officers returned fire, shooting Gonzalez multiple times.  Officers were not shot or injured.  Gonzales was transported to a local hospital in critical condition.  As of this release he is still in extremely critical condition.  The involved officers have been placed on administrative leave, which is standard protocol in police involved shootings.  The Kingman Police Department is conducting the criminal investigation.  Having an uninvolved agency conduct the criminal investigation is also standard protocol in these types of incidents






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  1. Summer Delyria Reply

    Our police men just doing their job. Hope they are back on the job as soon as possible. Prayers the young man recovers, but people should know never to threaten a cop.

      • danceswithskunks Reply

        You’re absolutely correct, Bryan. NOBODY deserves to die. These police officers may have vests and some “protection,” but many of them are shot and killed anyways. They are human beings just like us.

        They have the same fears we do, but they stand up against that fear and do their jobs. If a criminal is going to point a weapon or threaten officers in any way, he or she WILL end up shot and probably killed. They may not DESERVE to die in your eyes, but they will die anyways. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. THEY brought it on by breaking the law, and THEY forced the officers to defend themselves. If you don’t want to die, DON’T threaten an officer. This is no joke and it’s not a movie. Police officers can be shot or assaulted within SECONDS, and succumb to their injuries later. It happens far too often.

        I grew up attending at least ten police funerals, and all but two were murdered. Two were murdered together over a stupid call regarding a rose bush. They suffered for an HOUR, moaning, before they died. THEY didn’t deserve to die either. Their wives didn’t deserve to lose their husbands, and their children didn’t deserve to grow up without daddy.

        LHCPD went to this guys house to serve a warrant for drugs. Any emotional pain and suffering by his family was caused by HIM. Don’t break the law and don’t pull a weapon on police officers. Drugs and drug dealing are a HUGE reason for crime and violence. I know that for a fact because I had to live in a drug infested city when I was younger. I would hate to see Lake Havasu turn into a crime infested city. I keep hearing from citizens that Lake Havasu is getting worse, crime wise. Well, now is a really good time to take back Lake Havasu by supporting and backing our police department. The more we support and assist our police here, the more we help ourselves.

    • Jacey R. Orr Reply

      & no cop deserves to be shot at. She didn’t say he should die, but what did he expect the outcome to be when firing his firearm at the police?

    • Shonda Cleveland Reply

      Play stupid games, earn stupid prizes! Shouldn’t pull a gun on or shoot at an officer! Happy to hear our LEO’S were not injured! Good job LHCPD!

    • Bryan Peg Reply

      For some1 to put it in words such as “GOT WHAT HE DESERVED” to me is ignorant! Of course the police did the right thing and shot him.. But what I mean is real simple no one deserves the ultimate sacrafice..

      • danceswithskunks Reply

        This is NOT an “ultimate sacrifice.” Go join a branch of military and LEARN what “ultimate sacrifice” means.

        Ultimate Sacrifice

        To give everything you have to save someone or something that you hold most dear.

        Requires that you give yourself, in order to provide them sanctuary.

        Trading your own life for the lives of many would be an example of the Ultimate Sacrifice.

        #selfless #ultimate #sacrifice #life #save

      • Brad Reply

        Ignorance is you sticking up for the drug dealer! Pull a gun on any officer and fire at them you will get back what you served , a bullet ! God bless the police that keep us safe !

    • Leigh Anne Nunno Sanchez Reply

      I can’t say that I don’t agree but try to remember this person may have family that is not involved in his lifestyle but still love him, this statement may be hurtful to his innocent family.

    • Michael Crockett Reply

      “GOT WHAT HE DESERVED”, haha thts a fuckin joke Sue, Shooting someone multiple times is not a good job that is trigger happy cops, once or twice to incapsitate the person, but multiple times not ok, definitely an ignorant dick comment, let’s say it was ur son if u even have a son, but let’s just say u do and he shot a round off and now might die because cops shot him multiple times, think about the effect it has on his friends and his family knowing he might die, before u post a fuckin comment like tht

      • Chris Evans Reply

        you have no clue what you are talking about. police shoot to stop and that means firing until the suspect gives up. it may take one round, it may take 30. many factors affect how long someone continues to fight after being shot including drugs, alcohol, adrenaline, anger, personality, what they are shot with, and where they are hit. handguns are notorious for lackluster performance. deer shot clean through the heart with a rifle often run for 50 yards or more before they drop. you cannot reasonably expect the cops to fire once and wait for him to shoot at them again before firing another round back at him going back and forth, back and forth. when someone shoots at you you return fire until they are no longer a threat, and you aim center of mass, no leg shots, no head shots, no shooting them in the arm or shoulder. not only can all those also be fatal as well but intentionally shooting someone in an extremity is generally looked at as unjustified use of deadly force because if you can afford to aim at their arm or leg then you don’t really need to shoot. i would have sympathy for the guy if it turned out he is a law abiding citizen whose house was raided by mistake, however if you are engaged in criminal activities then you brought it on yourself.

      • Joyce Debler Reply

        I would hate to have one of my children shot by a police officer but don’t get too nervous about it because I brought them up better than selling drugs and shooting at cops!!! YES he got what he deserved!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Michael Crockett Reply

      Not saying he didn’t bring what happened to him upon himself because he did, but ur comment is fucked up and u should delete the comment before his friends like me, or any of his family see this comment

    • Bryan Peg Reply

      What Leigh ^^^^ said. Nobody deserves to be in critical condition. I never said he is a upstanding citizen but remember 21 years old… Like I said on my last comments your pretty ignorant :).

    • Karen Carr Lamacki Reply

      I would disagree…if you live that life style or any other life style and shoot at the police…and you get hurt, you’re in critical condition, or you die…that is what you get…I agree with my last comment….it’s tough shit….remember the cops have families too and now they have to deal with this dumb shits decision forever…

  2. Jessica Garay Reply

    He’s critical but stable. He was in surgery all morning/evening. Right or wrong no one should have been hurt. Prayers and positive vibes. This is someones son, brother, uncle , loved one.

  3. Mimi Richards Reply

    I’m sorry. I get he is someone’s family member but HIS actions caused this. We all have consequences for our actions. What about the officers he shot at? They are also someone’s family. He CHOSE to fire a gun at police officers. He attempted to kill them. I’m sure his family is distraught. But I’m sure their despair began when he started selling drugs. The fact that he pulled that gun on those officers means he would have pulled that gun on anyone else. He had no regard for human life so how is there supposed to be regard for his? Yeah, it would suck if he were my family member but I would also have to accept that his consequences are the end result of his own actions. If he shot your loved one would you feel the same?

  4. Kitty Mullins Reply

    Oh come on, a SWAT team, multiple officers entered the house, I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that they all told him to put the gun down…..idk, maybe he was under the influence and wasn’t able to make a wise choice, after all it was an ongoing drug related investigation! Choices…choices people. There are consequences for every decision/choice we make. Multiple hours in surgery, what a huge bill, wonder if he was insured??? That’s yet another discussion. It’s unfortunate that drugs/alcohol and attitudes make some people feel invincible. I value every officers life and whole heartedly thank these officers for putting themselves in harms way for our beautiful city.

  5. K. Reply

    So sad. Odd to serve a search warrant so late at night… if it’s a surprise attack. Normally they do it at daybreak. More visibilty for officer safety and also, people are more common to be caught unaware when they are asleep or just waking up. Prayers to all involved.

    • danceswithskunks Reply

      If they did all search warrants at daybreak, pretty soon word would get around and it wouldn’t be a surprise. They want to make sure (or at least have a good idea) that the suspect is inside the residence at the time, preferable alone. If the suspect is out and about at different times of the day, then I’m guessing the police will find a time when he/she is home, usually by staking out the residence. Also, they don’t want innocent family members inside to be used as possible hostages (spouses who may not be aware of crimes, elderly parents, aunts, uncles, children, etc.). Who knows? Maybe an innocent family member leaves for work at 12:30 am, so they decide the best time is right after she leaves? I would think they also have to consider the safest time for the rest of the neighborhood.

  6. Jessica Garay Reply

    And I value cops lives just as much. I have alot of friends who are in the field. The story isn’t complete , there are alot of wholes in the story and this is an on going investigations. Prayers to ALL involved.

  7. Jessica Garay Reply

    For those who care for ALL lives invovled. He was just air vac. to sunrise hospital. Still not letting us see him. But other family memebers got a glimpse and a little response from him before he flew off. Prayers/positive vibes for all. This will be my last update.

  8. JimD Reply

    Police serve warrants inside of a residence deliberately. It’s called containment. The last thing you want is a situation where the bad guy is outside and can use other people as targets or a shield. This is the proper way to do this – statistically, it is hands down the safest way. The whole situation sucks, for police, for the bad guy, and for all families. It’s a tough job dealing with criminals. By the way, criminals like drug dealers know the risks, and if someone enters their house screaming “police” then they certainly know that they are armed and ready to engage should there be a shoot out. Raising a weapon would be the last thing that they should do, unless they want to be shot.

  9. danceswithskunks Reply

    This is for those of you who are so upset at the police over this shooting and those of you who are complaining about it. You know who you are. This comment is NOT towards those who are supportive of the police.

    The moment I read that a suspect was shot by police, I **KNEW** the comment section here was going to light up like Christmas!

    Were you this upset when Phoenix Police Officer David Glasser was murdered? He died on May 19th, 2016 – during Police Memorial Week. He was just ONE out of MANY police officers gunned down before he even knew what hit him. Did you even care about him? Do you know how old he was?

    How many of you who are complaining against the police even bothered to read or give a crap about David Glasser’s family? He left behind a young wife, and two very small children. His two children don’t understand why daddy didn’t come home yet. He was murdered before he had a chance to pull his gun out and defend himself. Do any of you even give a crap about him? How many of you left comments in support of David Glasser, or said “Prayers for his wife and children?” He had family also, and they had to put up with all of the hateful, cruel, anti police comments about him and his death.

    Do you even care how many David Glassers there are, who have been shot and killed either for doing their job, or for simply wearing a badge and uniform?

    Do you realize the things that are said about an officer when they are murdered? Because I’ve read some really horrible things people say when an officer is murdered, and I know damn well, their spouses and family have seen the same hurtful comments. But yet, you are praying for a suspect’s family and worried about if he will live or not.

    Did any of you give a crap if David Glasser was going to make it or not? And I’m not asking those of you who are being supportive for the police or who truly care about what goes on. I’m asking those of you who are complaining and “armchair quarterbacking.” Those of you also, who are saying “The police SHOULD have done this..” or “The police should have shot him only once…” or “The police are too militarized…” Did you say that when David Glasser was shot? Did you say or think “That suspect shouldn’t have opened fire on that innocent officer…” or “That suspect should not have had those weapons or wore that armor!”

    I’m willing to say, that not one of you who are complaining right now, ever took a moment to care about David Glasser, or any other officer killed. I wonder how many of you are thinking or will reply “Well, THEY signed up for the job, so….” (while shrugging your shoulders and carrying on with your life).

    Recently, a mother of a FOUR MONTH OLD and a father of EIGHT children were gunned down before they even knew what hit them – two Palm Springs police officers, ambushed in a planned attack. The father of eight was due to retire in December. Two more examples of how quickly police officers can be killed. But you suggest that the police only shoot once, maybe twice, then wait to see if the suspect is going to drop the gun? Seriously?

    You will find fault, no matter WHAT the police do. You will victimize every criminal shot and killed by police, no matter how many weapons he/she has, and no matter how many officers may die taking a suspect down – you will STILL find fault in the police. Yet you wont utter a word of condolences or support for any law enforcement officer or their families.

    Every single time the police end up shooting a suspect – as soon as the news comes out – you are already criticizing the police, regardless of what happened. One example is the Dallas shooting on July 7th, 2016. FIVE officers gunned down and killed. NINE injured. The suspect was finally taken out by the robot. The media and some of the public were outraged because the SWAT team sent in a robot to neutralize the suspect. That’s all I heard about for the next month, is how horrible it was to kill the suspect with a bomb. FIVE officers dead, NINE injured, and yet the complaints just piled right up.

    For those of you who have stated that the suspect has family, and they may be exposed to hurtful comments, I don’t know what to (politely) say to that. When I was 7, my classmate was killed in front of me. We didn’t have paramedics back then. A police officer who was at the scene befriended me and checked on me almost every single day, for at least two years before he was shot five times as he walked back to his car. He lived, but he never came back. After that, officer after officer was shot and killed as I grew up. I’ve lost much more – all law enforcement related but I wont get into that. My point is, how do you think families and friends of officers feel reading the hurtful comments that others write about the deceased officers? Do you even fully comprehend what “extended family” means? I can tell you it feels like a butcher knife being plunged in your chest when you read “Good. The F’ing Pig died! I hope he suffered” or “We should have raped his wife after he died!” So, as for hurtful comments, I’ve read them all. The ones I just wrote are the LEAST hurtful ones. Those officers died protecting the community and doing what’s in their hearts.

    If the family does not want to read the hurtful comments, they can do exactly what I learned to do: DON’T READ THEM. Skip over them, don’t read any comment section. Normally, I don’t read comments anymore because I’m used to the same type of idiots I am seeing here.

    Again, my comments here are NOT intended towards the supporters or those who really do care about the officers.

    I understand that there are law abiding citizens who don’t understand police tactics, and may be confused. My advice to you, is to go on some police ride alongs, or go to the citizen’s academy and learn what the police really have to deal with. Another good way to learn (especially on shooting), is to take the Shoot/Don’t Shoot Training or the police simulator training. A black panther leader who publicly opposed police shootings and spoke out against police through the media took the Shoot/Don’t Shoot Training and he left with a new understanding and respect for police officers.

    For those of you who don’t like what I’ve just said, I don’t care. I’m tired of hearing about innocent family members being subjected to hurtful comments. It goes both ways, and I’ve put up with it for years. My heart has been ripped out since I was a little girl and I will always support police officers. My blood family is in law enforcement. If the comments here are hurtful and you are offended, welcome to life. Nobody said life isn’t painful. Life is full of pain. Get used to it and stop reading the comments if you can’t handle it. If you want certain comments deleted, then we may as well delete ALL of them. Delete the entire comment sections on everything to ensure that nobody gets butthurt ever again.

    If you think the police are so out of control and brutal, I suggest YOU go down and apply at the police station, and make positive changes from within the department. In fact, from now on, when they serve a warrant, why not volunteer to be the officer in the front? See how that works out for you.

    • danceswithskunks Reply

      Dennis, I appreciate that your are man enough to come forward like this to apologize. I fully understand your anger, especially over bullying. I was also bullied, from grade school, clear though high school. It was relentless, and so I totally understand that. Most of me being bullied and harassed as a kid was from my association with law enforcement. I was also stabbed with a needle in school because of my association with law enforcement, and back then, they had no testing. I just had to “wait and see” if the needle had drugs or diseases, which was an all day event at the doctor just to see if I was going to be drugged or not. It took longer to see if any diseases were on the needle, so I truly understand bullying. That is a part of my anger as well. In my case, all of the bullying, traumas, and deaths (murders of police officers) around me as I grew up hurt like hell, but made me a much stronger person inside. I also apologize if I have offended you, however, I will always remain firm on my support of law enforcement.

  10. Annie Reply

    Dances with skunks you sure r a m b l e. You should move back where you came from. You know everything about anything first hand and just seem to have way too much time on your hands.

    • danceswithskunks Reply

      It’s called experience and being retired. I’m 59 years old. I don’t claim to know “everything about anything,” but I have learned a lot from life. We have worked our way through life, and I have done tons of volunteer work, and still do. I remember working 16 hour days with a half hour break in between, and my husband worked for 38 years straight, so I think we’re allowed to retire and have extra time on our hands. What I do with my time, is my business, whether you like it or not. If it’s too much for you to read, or if it offends you, feel free to skip over my comments. By the way, how old are you and how much life experience have you had? Be honest Annie.

  11. Jill Silar-Richeal Reply

    As a mom, I feel for the parents. I have no clue how he was raised. With that said being confrontational with police is not a good idea.
    I am thankful that every time my children had to interact with law enforcement, they chose to be responsible.
    Bottom line: attempting to engage a law enforcement officer is NOT going to end well.
    Teach your children they are free to make choices, they are not free from the consequences of their choices.

  12. Cynthia Castillo-Gonzalez Reply

    Thank you to those who are praying for us and our family, and to those who just call him a thug, idiot and many other things you guys don’t know him so what gives you the right to call him those names, sure he doesn’t make the brightest decisions but he’s human we make mistakes but nobody deserves to be killed or shot at but everyone is in-titled to their own opinion but please try to keep the negative comments to a low that all I ask for my family who are in Vegas with him right now and shouldn’t open their facebook and see all these negative comments, thank you

  13. Mimi Richards Reply

    Like. I said, I get he is someones family. But he shot a gun at someone. A police officer. Yes, humans make mistakes. Does he deserve to die? I don’t think he does but I don’t think that the officer he shot at deserved to die either and he didn’t have any regard for that officers life or family. It is very hard to show respect for those who don’t respect others. Shooting at another human is not just a “mistake”. It is the attempt to take a life…… Making excuses for his behavior only enables him to stay on the path he is on. When he recovers, those.of you that care about him need to kick his ass on the right path. But now he has pretty much ruined his own life by attempting to kill a police officer. This is a very sad situation that he made the choices he has. I will pray for your family to find peace through all this.

  14. mike k. Reply

    michael crockett – “charlie was the first guy to let me suck him off when i first moved to havasu, prayers to him and everyone that i can continue to do so”


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