PRESS RELEASE: Channel Weed Harvesting to Start This Week

Posted on Monday, July 21st, 2014 at 2:13 PM

Channel Weed Harvesting to Start This Week

City crews will start the annual underwater weed harvesting program this week in the Channel and along the beach areas of Rotary Park and London Bridge Beach. During warm summer months, underwater weeds grow rapidly in the shallow areas along the channel and beach areas. If left unchecked, these weeds pose an inconvenience to boat propellers, kayaks and paddle boarders.

The program requires the use of a large floating weed harvester designed specifically for this purpose. The harvester works at a slow pace cutting the weeds and removing them from the water using a conveyor belt. The weeds are deposited onto the harvester and later transported to a truck for disposal on land.

Boaters are cautioned to not get near the harvester and allow it a wide area for operation. The harvester cannot navigate as quickly as a boat and is subject to sideways movement during windy days. City crews expect the harvesting to take approximately one month to complete

For more information, please contact the Lake Havasu City Maintenance Services Division at 855-3377.

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