Possible self inflicted gunshot wound

Posted on Saturday, June 9th, 2018 at 5:06 PM

At 4 pm Medics were dispatched to 3400 block of Iroquois Lane for a male subject that possibly shot himself.

11 comments on “Possible self inflicted gunshot wound”

  1. Jerome Reply

    Don’t remove this post… my kid was devestated his school incident was stated on here but you refused to remove that. Don’t be a hypocrite and remove this juicy piece of gossip

    • Concerned Reply

      Juicy piece of gossip? You’re sick. A man took his own life. You’re comparing a suicide to a school incident? The person who commented above is probably family. You sound heartless.
      And rude a-f!

    • Terri McLafferty Reply

      Nice to meet you Jeremy..Id like to invite you to our home..so you can hear and feel the love he had fist hand..you know mot what you say..at least not who you say it to..sadly..but we woyld love for you to meet his family so that next time you read such sad news..you may feel the families pain a little more deeply and may think more before stating something to somrone that has already sufferred enough

    • Jen Reply

      Robert, I’m shocked at your response to a grieving family member who just lost a loved one. You recently posted that you would no longer post details of suicide calls out of respect for thier families, and instead provided info for the suicide hotline and support groups. Why did you change that? Instead you opened up this person’s family to public ridicule at the worst time in their life, and when the person pleaded to have the post removed, your answer isn’t even “sorry for your loss” but basically refusing to respect the wishes of a grieving family member. To ms. JMcLafferty, I am deeply sorry for your loss, and I apologize for the insensitivity of the others on this post.

  2. Painterz Reply

    I’m devastated to hear this tragic news. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. R.I.P. He had the biggest heart and was a wonderful man.

  3. Terri McLafferty Reply

    Thank you all for your sentimrnts..as for the idiot named Jeremy..you unfortunately could not possibly have ever met him…or you would feel so very ashamed of yourself..you are not worthy of his friendship…Terry knew no stranger..once you were in a room with him..you naturally were tsken into his kind soul..once he spoke to you..you were his friend for life…I was so blessed and fortunate to be given the 25÷ years he gave to me..and even more so to share his chidren with him…He has def left an impression on all who call him friend…We have lost a wonderfully kind gentle outstanding Dad Grandfather..Son…Husband…OUR EVERYTHING …REST IN PEACE NOW TERRY..WE WILL NOT BE THE SAME WITHOUT YOU…THE GRIEF IS ALL CONSUMING..WE ASK THAT ANYONE THAT KNOWS TERRY FEEL WELCOME TO STOP BY..AS ALWAYS..YHE FOOR IS OPEN…HED LOVE TO SEE YOU THERE …LAUGHING AND REMEMBERING ALL HE WAS TO US
    With Great Sadness in our Hearts….Joey..Hannah..Hallie..Lisa..and Family…

    • Terri McLafferty Reply

      Please excuse my typos everyone..bern a tough night or two..point being…Please feel welcome in our home to share memories you have..knowing Terry it will surely bting laughter…he never locked his doors..as you all know..he always left it open for you…
      We love you so very much friends..anuone needing or giving hugs..they will gladly be given to you !!

  4. Susan J Reply

    Very sad to hear this. Your son and my son played baseball together I believe. He was an awesome guy!! You are all in my husband and my prayers!!