Possible Home Invasion

Posted on Friday, September 16th, 2016 at 10:59 PM



3800 block of Texoma Drive – RP is advising they believe someone is attempting to gain entry into the residence.

Several PD officers arriving on scene and setting up perimeter around the residence.

Officers reporting “no movement” on the exterior from all sides.

Officers have made contact with the homeowner and are advising the incident is “CODE 4” (under control). Officers still investigating with the RP the cause for concern on this call.

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9 comments on “Possible Home Invasion”

  1. danceswithskunks Reply

    I sure hope they found out WHY someone is reporting a possible home invasion. This is frightening.

    YEARS ago, my ex and I finally moved away from a next door drug dealing neighbor. It was very obvious because of the Hell’s Angels bikers and pedestrian traffic in and out of their place. We later found out, RIGHT after we moved, the place we lived at was mistakenly “robbed” by home invasion robbers. The victims were duct taped to their bed (a man and wife who moved in the same place we lived) while they were robbed and beaten up. Come to find out, the robbers got the wrong place. They intended to rob the drug dealer, but got the wrong place: where we just moved out of.

    Fast forward several years later. My (now) husband and I heard a woman screaming and thought her husband was hurting her. After dialing 911, we went out with several neighbors to try and stop him. There were a lot of men helping to stop the attack so I stood back. It was at night and so I couldn’t see in the dark. I walked up to a man who I **THOUGHT** was my neighbor and stood right beside him. I said “What’s up?” (I can’t see shit in the dark – blind as a bat!”)

    In about three seconds and ONE movement, he reached into his trench coat (had a slit down the side of it) and pulled out a sawed off shotgun at me. He pulled the trigger without saying a word. God was watching over me because it jammed. It was all in slow motion for me and I was frozen. I was so shocked that I couldn’t comprehend that he had pulled out that sawed off shotgun on me so fast. It didn’t even seem real, and I was literally unable to react. I guess that’s called “frozen in fear.” My husband saw that happen, and DRAGGED me back inside yelling “They got guns!” So I dialed 911 again to tell them it wasn’t the domestic disturbance we thought it was. The guy pulled the trigger again on my husband, but it kept jamming. Thank God for crapily made sawed off shotguns.

    What it turned out to be, was two felons (both armed) who came to kill the drug dealing neighbor for possibly a rip off drug deal. The guy who pulled the sawed off shotgun was one of the “robbers” – a convicted felon who was released from prison, and this was his third strike. My husband and I were the ONLY ones out of all of the witnesses who showed up in court. One of the attackers leaned forward in court. looked in my direction and winked. (I felt sick). They both went to prison for life (several felonies, plus their past violent felony convictions). The “victim” drug dealers went to jail as well, and most likely lost their two toddlers, WHO WERE PRESENT the night of the home invasion robbery/murder attempt.

    We ended up having to move because I began having terrible nightmares, and even though it’s been about 20 years since, I had another nightmare a couple of months ago. This time, in my nightmare, the robbers were trying to get into OUR door. I woke up shaking and in a sweat, and could not go back to sleep. I kept getting up and checking all of our doors to make sure they were locked. Yeah, that’s the last time I ever went outside and approached ANYONE saying “What’s up?” SHIT. Now I’m afraid to go out much at all.

    So, I really hope the police find out what’s going on with this call (and I hope that house is nowhere near ours). Our police at the time of the home invasion robbery had no clue what it was about until we told them we suspected drug activity but couldn’t prove it. At first we just thought it was a domestic disturbance. Once they searched the place, they found all kinds of drugs and stuff, along with the two toddlers locked in a room. The part about the toddlers makes me sick. I saw them and they were terrified. They were too small to talk though.

    Our police may not always be aware of what’s going on with some people, so it’s up to all of us to verbally TELL them – hopefully ahead of time. I learned that the hard way, and I’ve had enough trauma that I have PTSD for life. Don’t assume they KNOW about every single drug dealer or mental case, etc. I fully support law enforcement and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to keep Lake Havasu the nice place that it is. I hope that some of you will do the same thing. This doesn’t mean to get into everyone’s personal business. It just means, if you notice something that COULD lead to danger (like possible drug dealing, possible mental case acting out in a dangerous manner, etc.) – all you have to do is to let the police know about your concerns. You don’t even have to give your name. Don’t assume that someone else will say something. This is to protect your loved ones and to protect the little ones who we, as adults, should be trying to protect, regardless if we know them or not. The little ones, the elderly and the weak: they need us.

    By the way, NO, this did not happen in Lake Havasu. It happened in San Diego County both times. San Diego is a great place to live. You can grow up with PTSD like I did, depending on where you live. It’s not the heat that keeps you living inside in San Diego: it’s the fear of being killed by a neighbor. I’m very grateful to have been able to move here to Lake Havasu. It will take me a long time, and many police ride alongs before I lose my fear of going outside completely (if ever), but I’m working on that. I don’t say “What’s up?” to anyone here, but I do say “Hi” once in awhile, but I don’t stand too close.


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