Possible Home Invasion

Posted on Wednesday, May 11th, 2016 at 8:42 PM


300 block of North Acoma.  RP is in Phoenix saying her daughter which is in the house can hear someone inside the residence.

PD en route.

Officers made contact with the subject at the residence, they went in and did a security sweep with no suspects located inside.

Call cleared.

13 comments on “Possible Home Invasion”

    • Dana Brumett Reply

      The person who broke in the house knows the risk so he/she is prepared also thus saying he/she will do harm if necessary and if you have a weapon to defend urself it needs to be done there could be children involved and the said person could be a rapist for all any one knows so i strongly suggest people should take proper classes and own a weapon so they feel confident to protect themselves if the time ever came.

  1. R. Peterson Reply

    Only pull the trigger when your or another persons live is in imminent danger. Period

  2. Rod StClair Reply

    Sounds like the media –
    HOME INVASION ?? Possibly a burglary in progress, but ultimately it sounds like someone who is afraid to be home alone. But, better safe than sorry.


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