Possible Drowning


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Medics and Fire en route to site 6 for a subject being brought in by a red and white boat.

Father is in the area of Rotary Park. (different call)

Listen live at http://www.havasuscannerfeed.com/listen-live

CPR in progress for the past 40 minutes.

Patient pronounced deceased at the scene.

RP advised the male subject jumped off the boat and the female RP pulled him back out he was deceased.

Dr#17-5451 at 1914

Mohave County Sheriff’s Waterways deputies responded to a possible drowning in the North Basin on Lake Havasu early Thursday (8/10) evening. Approximately 7:00 p.m., deputies responded to the scene of where two female subjects were administering CPR on their friend and operator of the boat. Apparently, the operator was boating with his girlfriend and another female friend when they decided to stop and turn off the boat in the North Basin. Both female subjects jumped into the water for a swim and they eventually got back onboard. The operator, Gregory James White, 54, of Arcadia, California, decided to jump in the water. While White was in the water without a lifejacket, the wind kicked up and distanced him from the boat. White started to submerge and a female subject jumped off the boat to assist. Both female subjects were able to get White back on the boat and started administering CPR. The female subjects were inexperienced in operating the boat, but they were able to operate the boat to the nearby shoreline at Site 6 where medical declared White deceased. White has a history of medical issues. This accident remains under investigation as autopsy results are pending.

Update 8/15/2017

Mohave County Sheriff’s Office has been informed by the Mohave County Medical Examiner that the cause of death of Gregory James White, 54, of Arcadia, California, was due to drowning. The medical examiner’s report is inconclusive regarding any medical conditions attributing to his death.