PLEASE SHARE: Rumors of Fright Night


We have been told an imitation Havasu Scanner Feed page has been created,  spreading a rumor that Fright Night had been cancelled.

Here is what Lake Havasu City Police Department sent to our attention:

” There was a rumor circulating around the community that some kids were planning an “active shooter” operation at Fright Night.  THIS HAS BEEN DETERMINED TO BE UNFOUNDED!!

This was first reported by a student to a school resource officer.  The student said they had heard several kids talking about committing a shooting during Fright Night, in retaliation for an incident that had occurred but was unable to identify who the kids were. 

Needless to say we assigned officers to tracking down this rumor today and were able to find the exact source this evening.  The information was taken completely out of context and Fright Night was never even a part of the conversation.

The information stemmed from a text message from one student to several other students basically telling them not to go to the desert area off of Bison Blvd. on Halloween because there is a guy that had made some threats about going up there and shooting anybody that was there.

This apparently stemmed from some prior assault, that had occurred in the Bison area, that was not reported to the police.  One of these students then mistakenly added “Fright Night” to the text when forwarding it on to other students which caused the response.

At this point in time, the original student that sent the text out has been contacted and officers are attempting to identify the subject that made the actual threatening statement.

The police department will have uniformed officers and undercover officers working the Fright Night event and the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office will be notified of the information as well due to Bison Blvd. branching off into their jurisdiction.”

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