Physical Domestic Violence

Posted on Sunday, April 24th, 2016 at 6:49 PM

1200 block of Palisades Drive – Male and female physical at location, RP reporting the male subject was chatting the female with a knife.

Several officers en route Code 3.

Dispatch advising subjects are now separated. Male subject has the knife in this pocket.

PD commanded to terminate code response.  Officers now responding no lights and sirens.

Dispatch is advising subjects are possibly attempting to leave the scene in a vehicle. Dispatch week be attempting to get direction of travel.

Dispatch updating – Subjects now walking towards Avalon.

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6 comments on “Physical Domestic Violence”

  1. Amanda Michelle Walters

    It started with an argument between a husband and wife over the stupidest thing, He didn’t want her to go to the dog park with me to take her dog there for like 30 minutes. He was also drinking. There were a few neighbors outside minding their own business. The husband wanted the wife to come inside told me to leave, I said no and then he threatened to slash my tire. One of the neighbors we call ‘Grandpa Jim’ told them this was not the place to argue and to go into their house and do that. And James since he was drinking and was drunk at the time, took it way too serious and lunged at grandpa Jim throwing his fists at him, grandpa threw a punch at him in self-defense, all of a sudden he pulled out his knife started waving it at grandpa. James then slashed his tire, threw the knife, one of the neighbors then called the cops, James went across the street and then took off.

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