PD out with Abandoned Van in Wash

Posted on Wednesday, November 29th, 2017 at 8:52 AM

 Those following scanner traffic may have heard PD discussing a van in a wash.  The wash is located next to Mesquite behind the old transit pick up/drop off location lot.  There is a white van that was backed down into the wash and looks as though someone was living in it.  Camel Towing is now on scene to retrieve the vehicle from the wash.

14 comments on “PD out with Abandoned Van in Wash”

    • Felyce Reply

      You all need shut the f*up because it’s not funny you all don’t know the story so keep your oppino to yourselves

  1. Leon Reply

    That van was down by Body Beach a few months ago down in the wash couple of chairs sitting out

  2. Felyce Reply

    They live in they’re van and it has issues and barely runs half the time so unless you know what your talking about or the family kindly keep your opinion to yourselves unless you want to help them and don’t judge people until you’ve walked in their shoes


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