Posted on Monday, January 9th, 2017 at 1:57 PM

PD and FD en route to the 3300 block of South Jamaica for a subject that overdosed on their medication.

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5 comments on “Overdose”

    • danceswithskunks Reply

      If you weren’t involved, then you have no clue why they felt it was necessary to utilize that many people. Just because scanner feed states this as an “overdose” on medication doesn’t make it a simple call. I don’t know if you’ve ever accidentally overdosed on medication, but I did once and it can cause mass confusion and panic, especially when you don’t realize what’s going on. I wasn’t combative, but maybe this person was, and maybe they used more hands on to avoid causing further injury. There are a number of reasons to have that many people respond. Maybe the family members were hysterical and out of control, who knows? Those people who called for this overdose – they deserve the same response and attention to their emergency as anyone else. It’s always better to have extra people on scene than not enough.

  1. Doc P Reply

    Our public safety professionals are trained, experienced and responsible.

  2. Olusmama Reply

    Police always respond to an overdose in case the person needs to be 5150d. They need to be there in person to make that determination.

  3. OZZY Reply

    You tell them danceswithwolves. Lol. You should be a reporter or something.


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