OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE: This morning’s accident

Posted on Friday, July 28th, 2017 at 4:25 PM

In the early morning hours, July 28, 2017, members of the Lake Havasu City Police Department’s Traffic Crash Investigation Unit (TCU) responded to Industrial Boulevard and S.R. 95 to investigate a traffic collision which had resulted in a fatality.

The investigation has revealed that a Hyundai SUV being operated by a 17-year-old male was traveling north on S.R. 95 when it crossed the center line striking a Kia Soul heading in the opposite direction.  The driver of the Kia Soul vehicle succumbed to injuries sustained during the crash.  He has been identified as 41-year-old Fontana California resident, Russ Genovese.  The 17-year-old male was transported to a Las Vegas area hospital as a result of injuries he sustained during the crash.

Alcohol is believed to be a factor in the collision, which remains under investigation

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  1. Linda Fox Vidal Reply

    Only God can judge. I pray tonight for both families involved in the accident and also for the ignorant who are making horrible judgements and saying hurtful things without thought or care to the families involved’s feelings. Please Lord open the eyes 👀 of these people who obviously don’t have You in their lives or hearts based on the words spouting ignorantly from their mouths. Please also give strength and peace to the families involved because two families lost someone in that moment. In Jesus Name, and Amen

  2. Chrissy Linn Reply

    Amazing how fast people want to judge others….think about if the shoe was on the other foot, if this was your family, how would you feel if people judged ???

  3. Grahamerr Reply

    The comments from the young adults on this article frighten me. It displays what a failure our local educational system has been. I truly hope the increase in salary fixes these issues like everybody claimed. Most of these high school students can’t complete a sentence without major grammar mistakes. You would think that typing on a computer or phone all day would improve these skills eventually, but it does not appear that way.

  4. Rebecca Goddard Reply

    So heartbreaking! Any news on the teen’s condition? It’s so sad and frustrating that people are jumping to conclusions when the investigation or results of haven’t been completed or made known. Just sad all around. My heart goes out to all involved 😢

    • Leigh Anne Nunno Sanchez Reply

      He is in ICU. He has some life-threatening injures but we think he will pull thru.
      He is my little brother but I don’t know anything more about what happened other then what everyone else has read.
      My heart goes out to the family of the man whos life was lost.

    • Rebecca Goddard Reply

      I truly hope he pulls through. I’m so sorry for your family as well for the gentleman who passed away and his family. So devastating, my thoughts and prayers with you all

  5. Pretty Pixie Reply

    I’m using an old Facebook to post this so that my family members do not see this and see all of your hateful comments. My cousin died today. Please do not defend a drunk driver regardless of their age! Yes it’s terrible that he’s only 17, but what’s worse is he took my cousins life! Russ was a grandson, son, uncle, brother, cousin, and friend. The children in our family don’t understand why their uncle is gone. We will never see him again. The 17 year old is fine. We know he had alcohol in his system but they won’t tell us how much. It breaks our hearts that this happened. We were robbed of a beautiful human being because of something that was preventable. A foolish choice. I hope you find it in your hearts to pray for our family. If the family of the 17 year old is reading this I sincerely hope you care about our family and pray for our healing. Your family has done an unrecoverable amount of damage to ours.

  6. Trina Leatherman Dasilva Reply

    And this 17 yr old was robbed of the rest of his life so both families have a loss. I’ve known this boy since he was in diapers and he’s a really good kid. EVERYONE at 17 has been to a party and drank. Unfortunately he chose to drive and now he’ll have to live with that for the rest of his life. All of your harsh comments are very immature

    • RIP Reply

      You can’t say he was “robbed” in this case because it was his own decision. A murderer doesn’t get “robbed” of his life because he chose to kill someone.

      • Paul Reply

        robbed means you don’t have a choice in the matter like the man who lost his Life

  7. Tabitha Miller Reply

    There is absolutely no excuse for drinking and driving. Age doesn’t matter. At this point, everyone should know right from wrong. He not only destroyed his life, but the life of an innocent young man and those that loved him. It only took one dumb decision. He made the decision to drive while intoxicated. Now, everyone who is loved by both families must suffer the consequences.

  8. bob Bauer Reply

    Stop the BS comments, Respect the people who have lost a member of their family and the young boy you all seem to know. Shut up! Leave it alone, the young boy will never forget what has happened, if it even was his fault. {Please stop all of this.

  9. Christopher Chobo Reply

    If we really wanted to take away DUI drivers all they have to do put a breathalyzer on every single car unfortunately more people die from Sleepy drivers then intoxicated drivers and the only reason this tragedy happened is because people need to slow down I guarantee everyone on here commenting has speeded through neighborhoods on a highway anywhere before cuz if both vehicles were traveling at 45 miles an hour probably wouldn’t have been so many injuries

  10. Chantel Cruz Reply

    I really love knowing what is happening in my community but I’m so over the comment option on this page! Prayers for all involved!

  11. Caleb Waybright Reply

    You guys are so quick to judge the 17 teen year old he is my best friend I know it was never his intention to hurt anyone he knows he messed up he has to live with that he isn’t like this he is a very caring kid who loves to help people I know this is going to hurt him so bad but show some respect if you have anything bad to say about him message me and we’ll talk my prayers go to his family and the other driver

    • IcanJudgeAllWhoSin Reply

      You would do the same if it was YOUR loved one or friend who was killed at the hands of a drunk driver. You children keep tossing around the “don’t judge” copout as if you wouldn’t throw a stone at another person who murdered your friend or loved one. Make better decisions in life and these “accidental murders” won’t occur.

    • Carol Kreft Keaveney Reply

      I’m so sorry for your friend and all the families involved. He is going to need his friends now more than ever. Please ignore the crude hateful remarks that are being posted. Some people are real a##holes and have no respect for anyone. You are all in my prayers.


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