Officers Named Released in Officer Involved Shooting on OCT 26

Posted on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016 at 5:02 PM

The names of the two Lake Havasu City Police Department SWAT team officers involved in the October 26th shooting of Charlie Gonzalez are Sergeant Tyler Tribolet, 12 years with LHC PD; and Officer Mike Fuller, 13 years with LHC PD.

Gonzalez condition in a Las Vegas hospital is still listed as “Critical, but stable”. Both officers remain on administrative leave.


Wednesday morning, October 26th, at about 12:40am, in Lake Havasu City during the service of a search warrant at a home in the 1600blk. of S. Palo Verde Blvd. The search warrant was in relation to an ongoing drug investigation. The LHC PD SWAT team served the warrant. Upon entering the home the SWAT team was confronted by a male subject armed with a handgun. The male subject, later identified as Charlie Gonzalez, 21 years old, is reported to have raised the handgun and fired one time at the uniformed SWAT team. At least two officers returned fire, shooting Gonzalez multiple times. Officers were not shot or injured.

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34 comments on “Officers Named Released in Officer Involved Shooting on OCT 26”

  1. Kassidy Pick Reply

    So if the suspect fired at the officers it would have been understandable for them to shoot back. Or am i wrong for thinking if someone shoots at you then you shoot back.

    • danceswithskunks Reply

      You’re right, but I would shoot him BEFORE he fired his gun. If he’s not putting that gun down, it indicates that he’s thinking of shooting you, so you have to act fast.

  2. Vikki Ankrum Reply

    Why did you feel the need to release their names? They are heros but will not be treated as such. Thank you officers for keeping our community great!

  3. Tammie Sparks Reply

    I support our Police Officers for all they do in keeping our community safe Especially from people with Guns that do not obey commands ~

  4. danceswithskunks Reply

    I noticed that the SWAT officers WERE WEARING uniforms – unlike what one of the relatives of the suspect claimed on scanner feed. She stated that SWAT officers were UN-uniformed. But the cam shows real SWAT uniforms but I knew that they had uniforms on all along. They were not wearing street clothes or dressed like clowns (It’s kind of a “duh” thing). Also, they MOST certainly DID identify themselves – I could hear them yelling right when they came in, so someone else who tried to make it look like they didn’t ID themselves was either wrong or lying to stir up trouble as usual. In fact, they yelled so LOUD, I’m willing to bet that could be heard outside as well! When someone is coming towards you that is yelling “POLICE” – and they’re dressed like police with REAL police gear on, it’s a no brainer. “If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, IT’S A DUCK!”

    The other thing his relative(s) claimed on here, was that he did not have a gun, and that the officers “messed up.” The only one who “messed up” was the suspect, when he picked up the gun. The video was hard for me to see because I have bad eyes, but what I **DID** hear was “Put the gun down!” Officers are not going to break in with a warrant and just start shooting WITHOUT REASON. This video shows the whole reason he got shot. The reason being -THE OFFICERS WANTED TO GO HOME TO THEIR LOVED ONES – and not in a body bag!

    Next, those people defending the suspect are going to claim he wasn’t selling or using drugs, and he was just a fine, upstanding citizen – and the police are making this all up. Don’t be replying back to me “If he were your brother and he got shot…” because I’ve had plenty of “brothers” – my loved ones who WERE shot and some EXECUTED, for NO reason, other than wearing a badge. As for my blood brother, if he did what this suspect did to these officers, I would feel exactly the same way. But MY blood brother would never deal drugs to bring the SWAT team to his house with a warrant and then point a gun at them – because he also wears a badge.

    Sgt. Tribolet and Officer Fuller: I am sorry you had to go through the stress of having to make that decision to defend your lives, but after attending at least ten police funerals (all murdered but two), I am glad you were able to go home to your loved ones. I not only stand behind you – I stand BESIDE you.

    LHCPD: “Thank you for your service. We got your six!”

    • Seriously Reply

      When a door gets kicked in, it makes a loud banging noise. This noise might even be exaggerated on video. I’m not sure why the need for other officers body cameras, but if you need to fill a void in your life I’m sure you could follow the correct avenues and obtain them for your personal viewing pleasure.

  5. Seriously Reply

    The friends and family ALWAYS lie and tell stories to cover up the facts. The kid that attacked police with a knife is a prime example. Everybody swore he didn’t attack police and he didn’t have a knife and he was just sleeping minding his own business…and then the body cam footage came out and they all looked pretty stupid.

  6. Yvette Garay Reply

    Everyone has their freedom to speak but no one deserves to be bashed on especially when he’s still fighting for his life. even if he’s in the right or wrong. Or if he’s a loved one or not!

  7. Aleta Reply

    I think law and order is the way to go, glad no officers were harmed. If a criminal pulls a gun and doesn’t listen to the cops, let alone fires at them they have to protect themselves and the community. Respect for authority is lacking now a days.

  8. Stacee Wiles Reply

    Prayers for all involved in this terrible day….the officer, his family as well as the kid that made the horrible choices that have effected so many including himself 😐… its all sad 🙁 ..(no need for name release..terrible)

  9. Terrie jacobson Reply

    I don’t understand why A COP HAS TO KILL. They are trained to shoot. They don’t have to aim for the heart all they have to do is aim for a knee cap or a leg to stop them from running no reason to kill. If you kill someone you go to hell, God did not say in the 10 Commandments and less you’re a cop you can kill somebody and it’s ridiculous with as much training as they have that they cannot just shoot to keep them alive

    • GlobeTrot Reply

      Because when it’s kill or be killed, you kill. Don’t be a fuckin moron. This isn’t a Wild West movie where a cowboy can shoot a fly off a horses ass from a draw. Real life isn’t like that.

    • Kelcoholic Reply

      When the criminals start shooting officers in the leg, police will do the same. Maybe you should ask the gunman why he was shooting and what was he aiming for. We’d like those answers. When criminals start to use only non lethal force the police will not have to take the chance of being killed and can use non lethal as well. Until that happens, criminals shouldnt take the chance of risking their own lives by arming themselves and taking on police.


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