October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month 

Posted on Wednesday, October 5th, 2016 at 4:42 PM

The purpose of Domestic Violence Awareness Month is to raise awareness and support in an effort to end violence.  One in four women, and one in six men, will experience domestic violence.  Domestic violence does not discriminate – anyone can be a victim.

Mayor Mark S. Nexsen proclaims October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Lake Havasu City and encourages citizens to stand with domestic abuse survivors, celebrate our community’s progress in combating these despicable crimes, and resolve to carry on until domestic violence is no more.

The Lake Havasu City Attorney’s Office Victim Assistance Program participates in an annual Silent Witness Project, modeled after the National Silent Witness Initiative. This project brings awareness to the community about the reality of domestic violence, honors those who have fallen victim to domestic violence, and serves as a reminder that domestic violence does not discriminate – it is impartial to age, gender, social status, income, race, and religion.  During the month of October, a display of victim silhouettes will be placed at the City Hall lobby.  Each silhouette represents an Arizona woman, man, or child who is a victim of domestic violence homicide and each shares the story of their untimely death.

On October 23, 2016, H.A.V.E.N. Family Resource Center hosts the 5th Annual “Save A Life” Domestic Violence Awareness Walk at Rotary Park in Lake Havasu City.  This event is a gathering of community members to raise awareness, honor victims, and provide resources and support to prevent domestic violence. The walk begins at 9:00 a.m., and includes guest speaker Captain Troy Stirling, t-shirts, goody bags, and information.

According to the 2012 FBI Uniform Crime Report, Arizona ranks third in domestic violence homicides of women per million population. There is a high probability that domestic violence affects you or someone you know. Victims do not have to suffer alone. There are people available to help. HAVEN provides a safe, comfortable place to access services and receive support and resources 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Call HAVEN at 928-505-3153 if you or someone you know needs help.

Attachment Photo of Proclamation Presentation: Mary Lou O’Connell (Director of HAVEN), Lieutenant Kirk Cesena, Crystal Villarete (Lake Havasu City Attorney’s Office Victim Services Specialist), Mayor Mark Nexsen, Chief Dan Doyle, and Captain Troy Stirling

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1 comment on “October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month ”

  1. danceswithskunks Reply

    I think it’s admirable for the mayor to put out silhouettes for every person who has died in all of Arizona due to domestic violence – and tell a story about how each one died. Plus, they’re going to have a “walk,” and sell T-shirts, etc. to honor the victims.

    I am fully aware of how serious domestic violence is – I can’t help but wonder: Why didn’t the mayor post a silhouette for every Arizona police officer, fire fighter and first responder who has died in the line of duty or from suicide due to PTSD? How many people here can tell me the details of Phoenix Police Officer David Glasser?

    Why was I told, during Police Memorial Week (which is also Police Appreciation week), to go to Bullhead City if I wanted to honor LHCPD officers, especially when Phoenix Officer David Glasser was murdered during police memorial week? There was not ONE thing going on in Lake Havasu, to honor their own police officers during police memorial week. All the LHCPD officers got was some candy for police memorial week, and it wasn’t from the mayor. Why didn’t I hear a PEEP on Sept. 17th of this year for National “Thank A Police Officer Day?” (That’s okay Mr. Mayor. I personally called the PD and asked the department to thank every single officer for their service on Sept. 17th).

    As I said, I do understand how serious domestic violence is. It is not only physical but emotional/mental abuse as well, and it is a huge problem. I just wished the mayor would also respect the men and women who have to respond to those domestic disturbance calls throughout Arizona. I understand that domestic violence happens quite often. I sympathize with victims and before anyone judges me, I know a lot more about domestic violence than you may realize. I also know that the mayor, being a MAYOR, should be honoring those men and women who protect him, as well as the rest of us. This includes the fire department and ALL first responders.

    In this day and age where all American police officers are targets (and now fire fighters as well), law abiding citizens need to stand up and fully support them. They are all that stands between us and total chaos. If we don’t start showing our support, we may lose them one day, and we will be forced to fend for ourselves in a real life “Purge.” I’m sure every police officer and fire fighter respect our mayor, but respect goes BOTH WAYS. It’s time the mayor shows respect back.


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