Posted on Thursday, September 1st, 2016 at 2:09 PM

Havasu Scanner Feed would like to encourage our community to support NOVA which is the curriculum taught in Havasu area  schools. 

DARE, an alternative,  is fundraising within our community to support other Arizona schools which use their program. 

The NOVA program focuses on the following principles:

  • Take advantage of good opportunities that come your way.

  • Accept responsibility for you choices and actions.

  • “Study the situation.” In other words, think before you do something.

  • “What’s right is right, and what’s wrong is wrong.” Don’t get these things mixed up.

  • Make good “lifetime decisions” now and live by them.

  • Choose to have a “hero paradigm”. This means that you always try to do your best, and create things of value for yourself and others.

  • Obtain as much knowledge as possible, and use that knowledge to become the most successful person you can be.

  • Choose to be a person who is kind, caring, and friendly, not a person who is angry, violent, and filled with hate.

  • Be careful of what you choose to put into your brain. If you put good things in, good things will come out.

The program is designed to help youth understand and deal with drugs, gangs, violence, bullying, anger management, internet safety, and negative media exposure.

To support NOVA, drop your donation off at the Lake Havasu City Police Department located at 2360 McCulloch Blvd North. 

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20 comments on “NOVA vs DARE”

  1. Shaun Perez Reply

    Does NOVA have as much of an anti illicit substance focus as dare? Would be sad seeing a program like that replaced by something else.

  2. Tammy Reply

    That may also apply to quite a few adults these days. Your never to old to change your ways…..just sayin

  3. Harmony Rowley Reply

    great to know> honestly I grew up in a DARE community and never really saw the program working. I applaud the efforts of course, but I think it needs to be reevaluated. Id love to see more of what this other program does. I also think its said that they would take funds from a community they do not serve.

  4. Fatima Boutalib Reply

    Banned from commenting on arrest reports by the Nazi who is Robert J. Starkey but not here! Suk it Starkey I was there when AJ grabbed you by the scruff of your tiny pencil neck and you cried like a baby with a dirty diaper rash! OMG you are such a Wuss Starkey! HaHa

  5. Nick Trybull Reply

    Sounds like they want a program that brain washes instead of teaches from what i got out of this
    A program that teaches bad is bad and good is good?? Thats brainwashing because good and bad are just opinions


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