Non-Structure Fire

Posted on Tuesday, July 5th, 2016 at 1:52 PM

Brush burning in the wash in the area of Blackfoot and Mohican.

Engine en route to extinguish.

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4 comments on “Non-Structure Fire”

  1. Sean Maloney Reply

    So a non brush fire would be a structure fire….if a non structure fire is a brush fire… Well lets just call it a brush fire and say were good…….

    • Laurá Leneé Reply

      Gotta love the headlines HSF uses, right? They claim they knew about the brush fire in the channel when I messaged them about it and they don’t post anything till three minutes later.
      If they’re going to have a scanner page, they should post more about what is going on locally or just get rid of the page cause it seems they only post what they want.

    • Sean Maloney Reply

      Kind of liked your other post where you said you don’t get paid hardly anything and its not a full time job and see I wasn’t complaining but you certainly were. I was making a suggestion. . have a nice day now and thanks for your feed should have left your first comment anyway…


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