Non Injury Accident / Traffic Hazard

Posted on Thursday, May 12th, 2016 at 8:51 PM

RP is at London Bridge Road and Dover, advising they hit a Javalina and are worried that it is going to cause other accidents. They are waiting on a tow to respond.

PD en route.

5 comments on “Non Injury Accident / Traffic Hazard”

  1. Carolyn Harlan Reply

    Javalina or is it one of the babies of the wild pig hit a week ago? The one no one would come out and dispose of and her babies were hanging around the area, crossing the road back and forth?

    • Charlene Eastman Reply

      There is no excuse for the town of Havasu to let this happen. Horrible. NO other town that I know of would let this happen. I hope this is not a joke…can’t believe any town would be so heartless. With all of the burro problems, coyotes, there should be some organization in the town, paid by the town, taxpayers, (I am a taxpayer in Havasu also) to help this situation. I am sure that gov’t grants have been looked into by those who care. Mayor Nexon, look into this, or are you so busy building up your ego and taking down what made Lake Havasu that you don’t see a real, humane problem! I watch the local government channel. Hope anyone who reads this does also. See where our tax money goes…Mayor Nexon, it appears to me, does not give a darn about the local people, let alone the animals.

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