Posted on Monday, August 28th, 2017 at 10:19 AM

Navigation lights are required after the sun has set behind the mountains.

Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Division of Boating Safety would like to remind the boating public to ensure that they have proper lighting on their vessel.  This includes a coast guard approved red and green navigation lights that shine to the front and a white 360 degree light that shines all around the horizon.  Please check these lights prior to your outing, even if you don’t plan on staying out past sunset.  Personal watercrafts without navigation lights are not permitted to be on the waterways after the sun has set behind the mountains. 

Navigation lights are an extremely important component of a boat and should be checked regularly.  Your boat navigation lights are not just for you, they are for other boaters to help them know which way boaters are traveling to avoid a collision. 

Please be safe on the water, especially at night.  If you are unfamiliar with the area or unsure, remember, throttle back and slow down!  Boat Safe! Boat Smart! Boat Sober!

The following arrests were made on Lake Havasu during nighttime operations without proper navigation lights:

·         Friday (8/25), at approximately 8:30 p.m., MCSO Waterway deputies conducted a traffic stop on a boat just outside of Site 6 on Lake Havasu.  The boat was operating at night, in complete darkness, without any navigational lights at all. Through investigations, deputies determined the operator, Roy Pearce, 59, of Huntington Beach, CA, was impaired by alcohol.  Pearce was arrested after his blood alcohol concentration (BAC) results showed .149%.  Pearce was charged with Operating under the influence and Operation under the influence over .08%, misdemeanors.  He was transported and booked into the Mohave County Jail without incident.

·         Saturday (8/26), at about 8:30 p.m., MCSO Waterway Deputies conducted a traffic stop on a boat that was traveling at approximately 25 miles per hour just off the shore line of Windsor Beach.  The boat had no white 360 navigational light, so it was not visible from the rear.  The boat did have extremely bright white off road style lights shining in the front.  Through investigations, it was determined that the operator, Jason Kartchner, 44, of South Gate, CA, was impaired.  Jason had a passenger on board the vessel, who was determined to be 12 years of age, who was not wearing a life jacket.  Kartchner was arrested and submitted to tests of his blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to be .159% BAC.  Kartchner was charged with Aggravated Operating a watercraft under the influence with a child under 15 years of age on board, a felony.  He was transported and booked into the Mohave County Jail without incident.

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  1. c pants Reply

    What ARS covers this quote from above? “Personal watercrafts without navigation lights are not permitted to be on the waterways after the sun has set behind the mountains. ” I see sunset,(A.R.S. §5-333) but nothing in ARS about behind mountains. Sunset has a specific time, behind mountains is vague and depends on your location on the lake.

    • Robert Reply

      Probably officer/deputy discretion and they use behind the mountain as a metric.

      Kind of like +1 over the posted speed limit is “speeding” yet most officers use the 10% OVER rule before they enforce it.

  2. Steve Francis Reply

    Per USCG “Sunset” is when the sun goes below the horizon. If your horizon is a mountain, then it SUNSET. It absolutely has nothing to do with a particular “time”. As far as Personal Watercraft, your publication is putting out dangerously flawed information. Personal Watercraft may NOT be operated after SUNSET, Period.

  3. Leon Reply

    PWC supposed to be off the water in 30 minutes before Sundown they are not allowed to have night running lights

  4. Steve Francis Reply

    Per USCG regs, personal watercraft may NOT be operated from Sunset to Sunrise.


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