Newest “White Truck” update


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We have received an update from the Lake Havasu City Police Department. Here is their findings:

• The incident involving a kid hiding in the bushes: Investigations determined the child was hiding from his father, who was told to “walk to school instead of taking the bus” after being grounded. The father was driving down the street, and he was hiding from him when the other child came outside and started talking with him. When the second boys mother asked who he was talking to, she saw the 1st boy (who was hiding) getting into his fathers truck.

• Regarding the license plate information given: Police have traced the license plate down to a man in the Phoenix area. Phoenix PD has been made aware of the investigation and have determine this information to be unfounded.

• Regarding the slow driving white truck in the Tanqueray area: Neighbors have confirmed that this individual always drives slow due to safety with children in the area. Investigation ruled out any concerns for this individual, and this driver will continue to drive cautiously while children are in the area.

• Regarding “photos being taken”: This rumor has been passed along from student to student. Officers believe due to real estate on the market in the area, that the individual may have been taking pictures. Not of children. This has not been an ongoing scenario.

As a wrap up. Lake Havasu City Police Department would like to thank the community for their prompt attention and concern. The information provided has been investigated and determined to have been unfounded.

Havasu Scanner Feed believes in being proactive vs. reactive, and will support a community policing program to protect our children as it is rolled out – but with hopes of a community agreement that it’s a “Proactive” one, and without fears of an ongoing situation.