Near Drowning – Satuday, Sept 9

Posted on Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 at 11:36 AM

Mohave County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a possible drowning at Windsor Beach on Saturday (9/9).  At about 4:16 p.m., deputies responded to the scene and observed medical treating a male victim.  Deputies observed the victim was awake and alert.  Investigations determined that Jose Alarcon, 32, of Arizona City, was swimming in the swim area off the beach when he was pulled out beyond the buoy line and began to panic.  Shortly after Alarcon became unresponsive in the water, a Good Samaritan on a Jet Ski pulled him onto the beach.  Alarcon was under the influence of alcohol while swimming without a life jacket.  Medical transported Alarcon to Havasu Regional Medical Center.

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8 comments on “Near Drowning – Satuday, Sept 9”

  1. Tammy Mohr Burt Reply

    I’m compassionate, truly I am, but for God sakes, it’s hard to feel sorry for folks who are swimming and drinking, more than one or two apparently, in this fricken heat, without life jackets on! Peeps need to help watch each other out there!


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