Names released in yesterday’s double Drowning accident

Posted on Saturday, July 22nd, 2017 at 11:11 AM

Further investigations determined that the boat, which was occupied by two male adults, a female adult, and two young children, had stopped and was floating in the area just west of the Crazy Horse Cove.  The female, Esmeralda Gonzalez, 41, of Monrovia, California, jumped from the boat to go for a swim.  Esmeralda was not wearing a life jacket.  Esmeralda began to panic in the water, so her husband, Raul Gonzalez, 44, jumped in to rescue her.  Raul also was not wearing a life jacket.  Both were seen struggling in the water prior to them both going under the water’s surface and not resurfacing. 

Autopsy results are pending and alcohol may be a factor.  This accident remains under investigation.

52 comments on “Names released in yesterday’s double Drowning accident”

    • Deborah Stirling Reply

      Todd Harrison Lori is Correct! When your Dead from drinking & swimming the only compassion is for the Children who watched both parents perish!!

    • Michaele Lee Reply

      Todd Harrison how is what she said so bad? It is common sense to not drink too much and to use a life preserver. Especially if you are not a confident swimmer. This was so preventable. Awful.

    • Debrah Meraz Briones Reply

      Michaele Lee you don’t know if they were not a confident swimmer… you think if they knew this was going to happen they would have jumped in with no life jacket ???? People do it all the time to cool off really quick !!!

    • Corieanne Scott-Mac Donald Reply

      Not sure what totally took place but I just ready an article from the 19 year old son that said that they BOTH were good swimmers and went to the lake ALL the time. Breaks my heart.

  1. Chris Burley Reply

    Um so they couldn’t swim and they were out trying to swim? Sorry having a hard time understanding this one.. RIP 🙏

  2. Cyndi Jones Reply

    this is so tragic! Now these 2 children have no parents…prayers to the entire family
    People…. please be smart and safe while boating

  3. Juli Ehr Reply

    Wow, so sad. And, they are from my home town Monrovia California where I grew up. Did not recognize the names, I’ve been here in Havasu since 2001. Scary situation, people, if you are drinking, wear a life jacket, and if you need to jump in to help someone, put one on. My friends son helped pull the guy out that drown not long ago, his mom made sure he had his life jacket on before he jumped in , got the man out of the water and began CPR

  4. Toni Irons Reply

    So sad. I am sure there were life vests on the boat. She probably jumped in to cool down. There are hundreds of people that do this without thinking twice. She may not have been drinking at all. she panicked for whatever reason and the husband that loved her jumped in to try and calm her down. It was probably a split second decision, made out of panic for his wife. Yes, he should have put on a life jacket. Seriously though, family and friends of the deceased read these comments. Is criticism and judgement what you would want to be reading if it were you, in the bitter fresh reality of this tragedy?

  5. Vicki Johnson Reply

    Regardless of the circumstances, I’m sure there was no maliciousness involved. Very sad for all involved, especially the children. We’ve all done things in our lives that weren’t particularly smart, and thankfully survived them.

  6. Danyelle Reply

    Read before trying to state facts. It says “alcohol MAY be a factor,” I’d hate for all of you defame these parents if this was sincerely a tragic accident!

    Thoughts are with the family and their now parent-less children….

  7. Dawn Bruner Reply

    People please read. It said they’re waiting autopsy results to see how f alcohol was a factor. Please don’t assume.

  8. Lisa Martinez Rouly Reply

    When you’re drowning, you tend to want to climb onto the person/thing saving you. If the other person wasn’t able to get her under control and help swim her back, they both went under.
    Super sad if this is the way it happened. Best of intentions, just not able to help her.
    We shouldn’t judge, it’s a tragedy that their family and children will have to live with for the rest of their lives. PEACE ✌🏼

  9. Jennafer Zatezalo Reply

    Unfortunately, without sounding bitter but this really could’ve been prevented. Life vests just like seatbelts saves lives. Sorry for your losses.

  10. Larry Helm Reply

    There is a lesson to be learned from this tragedy. Always throw a floatation device first. Then jump in to save the person.

  11. Mark Hoffmier Reply

    Unfortunate situation for the kids who are the victims in this totally preventable incident. Booze, boats, the lake and poor swimming skills don’t mix, when will some boneheads ever learn. These 2 mark the 3rd death this year due to total jackassery. Besides the required ammounts of life jackets per occupant I carry in my boat, I also carry throwables as well for situations like that.

  12. Jennafer Zatezalo Reply

    It doesn’t matter if you’re Michael Phelps, EVERYONE needs to be aware of all the dangers of jumping into any open waters. This lake flows strong currents, it has an undertow, there are plant life growing from the surface that can wrap around you, to where you would think its literally alive. MUST WEAR A LIFE VEST, and preferably a diving knife. Life vests are like seat belts, they don’t work if you don’t wear them. Again, sorry for the loss.


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