Name Released in Officer Involved Shooting

Posted on Tuesday, June 28th, 2016 at 11:31 AM

At the request of members of the community…

The name of the Lake Havasu City police officer involved in the shooting on June 20th is Officer Jerry Smith – who remains of paid administrative leave, after bring with the LHC PD for 1 year and 5 months. The investigation is still open and will be forwarded to the county attorney’s office for review when completed.

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30 comments on “Name Released in Officer Involved Shooting”

  1. GlobeTrot Reply

    I hope he’s doing ok and knows it wasn’t his fault. The community supports you, officer Smith.

  2. Leeann Reply

    I totally disagree with you or any media releasing the full names of officers. I know we’re in a fairly safe area but they have families to protect and with today’s technology. It’s too easy to find out everything about that person and put their families in unnecessary danger.

    • Shelby Reply

      I agree Leeann it could be too dangerous to give out names, some people out there believe the report was a “lie” and we don’t want families getting hurt 🙁

  3. Leeann Arthur Miracle Reply

    Officers names should never be released. They have families to protect. Why put them in harms way for a story. If someone wants to know what officer it was, tell them to go to the station and ask. It should never be made public.

    • Leeann Arthur Miracle Reply

      Bryan I understand what you are saying. But many times the media posts incorrect or misleading information that could put an officers family in jeopardy.

    • Bryan Peguero Reply

      I understand that as well but, here is the problem I am having with police in general… Nobody knows the exact story and what we know is coming from officers who “protect” each other weather they are right or wrong. I lost alot of respect and I am sure a lot of people did when Havasu Scanner Feed published that video of the father being arrested… Their has been incidents when a father attacks “agressively” the killer of his child in a courthouse in front of a JUDGE and all the police do is normally cuff them escort them out and release them because they know there are a lot of emotions at that moment. In this case (IDK the family at all) the father was very upset that his son was shot… He was yelling and cursing which honestly anybody would do…. What do the police do??? They arrest him and tell him his son died while he was in jail.. that is such BS… And then explain why they blurred the video and this whole thing about “go into the station and ask them” you truely think that would work? They would probably laugh at you and then spit on you while arresting you. So, yes if there gonna publicize information of the person that got killed and the father that was arrested then YES they should also put the shooter and the officers that had the balls to arrest the father when he was clearly upset about his son being shot..

    • Bryan Peguero Reply

      And I am not saying it was the officers fault for shooting but I do think it was wrong arresting the father because his emotions were “everywhere” at the moment.

      • Commonsense Reply

        I couldnt agree more that was very well said. I never post on these things I just try and keep up but it made me sick when I saw that video. Why in the hell is that OK and where is the video of the officer’S going into the bedroom and firing. Maybe if they were both posted it wouldn’t have been such a complete lack of respect.

        • Commonsense Reply

          And yes I saw the man get aggressive and tired of being stared at since the cameras were on…. What would you have done invited them to relax during their investigation and offered up some coffee?

    • Tyler von Nieda Reply

      Considering you aren’t a police officer nor were you at the scene at the time of arrest, what you think is right and wrong is irrelevant.

  4. Vikki Reply

    Thank you for your service and for protecting your brothers in this unfortunate situation. You are a hero!

  5. Jerry Reply

    Are you kidding me!?! Your calling this cop a hero for shooting someone!? WOW!

  6. HardTail71 Reply

    Apparently Bryan missed the part where the father approached police in an aggressive manner after cussing and yelling at police. Honestly, his emotions were so out of control and YES that is understandable, but what if he made a bad decision like his son and his emotions took over? Sometimes police DETAIN people for their own safety. Here you have a man cussing and screaming and getting in officers faces, disobeying commands to stay out of THE CRIME SCENE. If you don’t understand why the father was arrested than you definitely don’t understand law enforcement. In ANY circumstance if a person acts that way they will be detained. You’d be crazy to think otherwise. I’m sure those cops were nervous that a protective dad was going to want revenge and when he aggressively approached that officer that could have been it. What was he going to do anyways? The video was blurry so you can’t tell where his hands were or really what was going on so I don’t see how you can claim the police did anything wrong.

  7. GlobeTrot Reply

    Apparently Bryan didn’t watch the same video as everybody else. Tell me ANY situation where a person can act like that and approach an officer like that, attempting to disobey police commands to stay out of the crime scene? Do you understand how this works? What were they supposed to do? Sometimes police have to detain people for their own safety. High emotions, aggression, physical motions, etc. The police didn’t have a choice. The man needed to be detained regardless of any other circumstances. It amazes me that some people don’t understand this concept.

  8. Jeremy Gordon Reply

    It’s a matter of public record! It’s our rights as citizens to know what happened when an officer who serves the public is involved in something like this.

  9. Tiffany Reply

    The situation could have been a voided had people tried to use better tactics instead of confronting the young man who was on something with defensive tactics and killed him. Maybe that’s just my opinion.

  10. Hugh Jorgan Reply

    Anyone that has experienced a demonstration of the effectiveness of this (in military training or otherwise) will have no doubt that a 2 second shot of pepper spray would have ended any “threat” perceived. The situation could have been neutralized without entering the room


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