Mutual Aid [3:30 AM]


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At 3:30 AM this morning, Rescue 42, Battalion Chief for a Roll Over assignment at I-40 Mile Marker 12 Eastbound Lane for a roll-over Semi with entrapment with both drivers.

Emergency Responders activated at 3:32 AM.

Advised unknown if Hazardous Materials are involved.

DPS was contacted, advising dispatch it is unknown what they were carrying but it is not hazardous.

RMI stating 1 Confirmed Trauma-1 Patient. 2 Being Extricated for Evaluation. Care Flight on standby.

Battalion Chief 2 requested “in service” for city calls at 3:55 AM. Active at 4:04 AM.

LHC Responders switched to Desert Hills TAC-3.

Battalion Chief off the call and back in city limits at 4:23 AM. Engine back in city limits and back in service at 4:59 AM.

No further information available as to patient conditions.