Motor Vehicle Accident

Two ambulances requested to join LHC Fire and PD for a motor vehicle accident involving two vehicles at Swanson and HWY 95 possibly involving 5 patients.

Fire Department confirming several patients with extreme vehicle damage, patients will require extrication.

3rd ambulance requested.


Dispatch advised to notify the hospital of 3 immediate trauma patients, and 2 delayed trauma patients.

3rd ambulance on scene at 10:47 PM

First ambulance en route to the hospital with one patient code 2 (no lights/no sirens)

Second ambulance transporting two patients and 1 fire-medic to hospital code 3 (lights/sirens)

Third ambulance transporting one patient code 2 (no lights/no sirens) with fire-medic to the hospital at 10:59 PM.

River Medical Supervisor reporting all patients transported, RMI Supervisor clearing scene.

Lake Havasu City Police advised patients were pretty banged up, one may have broken nose, some other broken bones but all non life threatening and there were no fatalities.

Roadway clear at 11:30 PM.


Battalion Chief updated that 5th patient was walking wounded and did not require transport.