MISSING PERSON: Rodney Wunderlich (30)

Posted on Thursday, July 28th, 2016 at 7:56 PM


***UPDATE – Last known contact was on July 21, 2016 in the South Side area of Lake Havasu City. Rodney was carrying a desert camo backpack.***

73 comments on “MISSING PERSON: Rodney Wunderlich (30)”

  1. Daniel Haro Reply

    It’s a sad story these guy been missing for weeks and I don’t hear anything about anybody putting something together for a search and rescue it’s just sad

    • Debbie Twiss Reply

      His friends and family have been searching. They have checked all the trails and places that he liked to hike. They have also set up a facebook page – Find Rodney Wunderlich.

    • Jodie Case Ferguson Reply

      There have been several search parties put together for him as well as family and friends following every “lead” and piece of information they’ve received.We have a page Rodney Wunderlich Missing 928-855-4111 please join, if you happen to see him you can easily contact an admin.

    • Tiffany Reply

      There have been plenty of groups of friends that have gone out looking on hiking trails and all over. Please make sure you have facts before responding.

  2. Jodie Case Ferguson Reply

    Thank you for the offer Tom Goding please join this page we will keep everybody updated and let you know when we put together another search.
    Rodney Wunderlich Missing 928-855-4111


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