MISSING PERSON: Rodney Wunderlich (30)

Posted on Thursday, July 28th, 2016 at 7:56 PM


***UPDATE – Last known contact was on July 21, 2016 in the South Side area of Lake Havasu City. Rodney was carrying a desert camo backpack.***

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  1. Melissa Valdez Reply

    I seen some one resembling this guy 7 / 27 / 16. Walking across Walgreens parking lot… Carrying backpack heading towards bridge channel… Not sure if it was him but sure did look slot like him

  2. Jody Reply

    I searched the beaches and campsites on my jet ski and yelled up saras crack at balancing rock.

  3. Annie Reply

    Why is this not in the newspaper ? Inform more people to help find him.

  4. Tammy Reply

    Would there be a chance on him being outside of Havasu?? Maybe got a ride out of town?? Reason being is I was in Laughlin just yesterday/last night and there was a guy crashed on the grass that was using backpack as pillow with hat and tattoos. Didn’t get good look at face but it’s worth mentioning incase… Good luck and praying for a safe return❤️🙏

  5. Vanessa Lawson Reply

    Thank you to everyone who has shared my posts and who have messaged me regarding Rodney. Unfortunately, there is still no word…
    This is an update from his Uncle Jim. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers and if you see or hear anything, please let us know …

  6. Jacob Villarreal Reply

    that guy that was found dead was not rodney… I called to verify… keep praying everyone and prayers to the man’s family who they did find…

  7. Kate Parker Reply

    I’m going to print up flyers and put them up around town… ( I’ll pay for flyers if anyone wants to help let me know please ) , and go hike a few of his favorite spots when he was younger. Is anyone doing Sarah’s crack soon ? Red rock… ? And can we put together a search party as a community please ….

  8. Teresa Mogensen Reply

    Let me know if anyone has any search party’s or idea’s about were to look for him. He has so many friends that miss him and will look for him.

  9. Janice Ward Reply

    ANY UPDATES? Keeping All in prayer. Lord please bring this man home to the love of his family & friends. May your peace surround them & bring comfort In Jesus name amen.

  10. Joy Turner Reply

    Has the cctv at Mckees been checked to see if he was with someone or riding with someone.

  11. Jodie Case Ferguson Reply

    Not much of an update, but THANK YOU for bringing awareness to him still missing! Much appreciated Havasu Scanner Feed please follow his page below

    Rodney Wunderlich Missing 928-855-4111


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