Posted on Sunday, October 23rd, 2016 at 6:42 AM

 Missing Person: Robert Hank Schoubye, . Last seen: 555 Beachcomber Blvd #C19 on 10/22/2016. Has been located. 

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18 comments on “MISSING PERSON: Robert Hank Schaubye HAS BEEN LOCATED”

  1. Dean Baker Reply

    Taking my plane up to see if I can find him. Please post if he is hopefully found.

  2. Sunshine Viles Reply

    Dean he walks with a shuffle, He is a frequent visitor at W.M I will keep an eye out too.

  3. Sunshine Viles Reply

    Awesome!! Thank You Havasu for keeping an eye out for our elderly.

  4. Robin sanchez Reply

    Hank fell from the boat slip that he tied his boat to. His body was recoverd this morning. May God rest his soul and prayers to his family

  5. Kristen Reply

    One of the most kind men I have ever known. Hank will be missed deeply and remembered always.


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