Located: male with dementia 

Posted on Sunday, September 11th, 2016 at 7:00 PM

Darryl Heller  73yr old male has been located as of 7:50 pm

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35 comments on “Located: male with dementia ”

  1. Jolene Moreland-Ryan Reply

    Darryl Heller 73yr old male
    White male 5’10” 215lb grey and dark brown hair
    Last seen wearing beige shirt and black pants with tennis shoes.
    Male is driving a red 2008 Ford Ranger
    Last seen about 3:30 PM headed to McDonalds downtown from the northside of town.

  2. Deandra Tipton Brown Reply

    Omg this man came in my work lost about a week or so ago and called his friend who had picked him up and was thankful I had made sure he stuck around until he got there, he is a very nice man I hope they find him!

  3. Tanika IzUnwritten McAbee Reply

    Dementia and altzheimers is scary for both the person and the family. Maybe they can turn on a GPS locator for his cell phone in case this happens again or install one in his vehicle. I’m so glad he was found safe!!!

  4. Sandra Webster Reply

    He is a regular customer at my work and he was asking me for directions to get back to his house. He then just wanted us to call his wife to come get him instead. I dialed the number for him and handed him the phone but wanted us to talk to her and tell her where to pick him up so my co-worker told her where we were and she and the police came and he went home !! Happy ending !!


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