Ms. Powell has been located

Posted on Tuesday, November 21st, 2017 at 10:03 PM

Ms. Powell has been located and reunited with her father.

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45 comments on “Ms. Powell has been located”

  1. Anna Laura Ruiz Reply

    Is horrible that other parents help to hide her. They should be arrested.. prayers for you guys .. lets know if we can do something to help you find her..

  2. Sarah Nicole Robinson Reply

    Dear heavenly father I pray that this child is found and returned home in one piece Lord and that this family would come to know you Jesus Through the situation somehow I Praise You Lord and I ask this in Jesus name amen

  3. Jennifer Ross Reply

    Jaiden- if you see this please just go home and talk to your parents😰 You have no idea how much worry they have and whatever is upsetting you can always be fixed❤️ I don’t know you or them but my heart hurts for you and your family❤️


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