Medical Assist

Posted on Monday, November 21st, 2016 at 9:50 AM

PD and Medics en route to CVS for a male subject passed out in the bathroom, unknown breathing status.

Officers advising CODE 4 at CVS.

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4 comments on “Medical Assist”

  1. Some guy Reply

    How do you k ow he/she died…let alone was shooting up?? Code 4 is, usually, code for situation under control and as far as we know the responding officer never called EMS.

  2. Kelly Steele Reply

    Check it out Mr knows nothing & quick to judge what if he’s a diabetic and hit the ground before he could alert someone he needed help? Or Epileptic? Or ???
    Says a lot about the person commenting that first thing to mind is “He shot up.”
    Ugh. Cut back on That self rrighteous flavored, haterade.
    Frankly even its drug related, how about some compassion.


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