MCSO PRESS RELEASE: Injury Boat Accident / OUI Arrest

Posted on Tuesday, September 6th, 2016 at 11:10 AM

Mohave County Sheriff’s Waterways deputies responded to a two watercraft accident with injury in the area of Cattail Cove on Lake Havasu Sunday (9/4) evening. Approximately 7:47 p.m., deputies responded to the scene of where a personal watercraft struck a boat. Two brothers from Covina California, identified as Jason and Jacob Wright were each traveling to Havasu Springs on their 1996 Yamaha personal watercraft with no navigation lights. While traveling southbound, both subjects stated they did not see lights from a boat. Jacob Wright struck the boat broadside causing injury to himself and damage to his PWC. The boat received no visible damage. Jacob Wright, 26, was transported to Havasu Springs by Lake Havasu City Fire boat personnel to meet with an awaiting ambulance. Jacob was transported to Havasu Regional Medical Center with minor injury.

Investigations determined that Jason Wright had been consuming alcohol. Jason Wright, 20, was arrested for OUI and OUI with a blood alcohol concentration over .08%, misdemeanors. Following the field sobriety tests (FST’s), Jason Wright was taken into custody and transported to Contact Point where an analysis revealed his blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to be .114%. He was transported and booked into the Mohave County Jail without incident.

This accident remains under investigation as alcohol level results are pending for Jacob Wright.

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15 comments on “MCSO PRESS RELEASE: Injury Boat Accident / OUI Arrest”

    • Mark Hoffmier Reply

      @Leiah sure you say no now, but I guarantee you your whole song and dance will change when a loved one of yours is either hurt or killed by one of these type of jackasses. Saying people need to be careful when operating a PWC well over the legal limit and underage as well?, or are you saying that to the innocent individual/s that got plowed into by those inconsiderate fucks?

    • Leiah Kruip Reply

      That’s ok. There doesn’t need to be an even ratio of police to ppl. Help them out by being an aware citizen. But please we dont need anymore policing.

    • Mark Hoffmier Reply

      Sure everyone says “let’s police our own”, but in all actuality turn a blind eye or lack the intestinal fortitude to say something, let alone do something, when they see something wrong.

      • Steve Reply

        We already have seven patrolling agencies on the lake, even US Fish &Wildlife red light cameras at Topock ticketing boaters via mail. Just how much of our freedom are you willing to surrendar for your safe zone?

  1. Dylan Reply

    It was dark by that time they should have known not to be riding their skis they do not come with lights becasue they are not to be operated at night.

  2. Steve Francis Reply

    Nav Lts on a PWC? It is illegal to operate. PWC after sun down, period. Per USCG, sun down is deemed to be “when the sun is below the horizon”. Done Deal. It is ILLEGAL to operate a PWC after sun down and before sun rise, regardless of Navigation lights or not.


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