MCSO Missing Boater Search Efforts Update

Posted on Saturday, October 13th, 2018 at 11:20 PM

The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office would like to inform the community of the ongoing search efforts being conducted in regards to the last missing boater from the boat collision that occurred on September 1, 2018. Future Dive Operations were scheduled for October 18-21, coordinated with San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office, and have now been rescheduled to October 18-19 and will include intermittent river closures for the safety of the divers. The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office is in no way discouraging the community’s efforts to create volunteer search teams, however, any future large scale searches conducted by volunteers should be coordinated with Mohave County Sheriff’s Office so as to not hinder any previously scheduled plans made by the Division of Boating Safety. Our searches have continued since the collision to include shoreline and top water searches, diving, Search and Rescue dogs, kayakers, drones, helicopters, and sonar. Our agency feels very strongly that this search will not end until Raegan is located, and our main goal remains wanting to bring closure to the family and the community.





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1 comment on “MCSO Missing Boater Search Efforts Update”

  1. Susan J Reply

    I say a prayer daily when I drive past the lake that she will be found and her family can start to heal


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