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Over Labor Day weekend, Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Waterways deputies handled a total of the following calls on Lake Havasu and the Colorado River:

4 Operating Under the Influence (OUI)

1 Aggravated OUI

2 Boating Accidents without Injury

1 Boating Accidents with Injury

2 Drug arrests

1 Trespassing arrests

129 Compliance/Safety Checks

16 Criminal Citations (Includes transom and/or bow riding, reckless operation)

34 Safety Violation Citations (Includes wake violations, insufficient PFD’s including no child PFD’s, overloaded watercraft, etc.)

167 Boating Violation Warnings

13 Boater Assists

6 Agency Assists

2 Medical Assists

According to Sergeant Kyler Cox, Labor Day weekend was busy with boaters on Lake Havasu and the Colorado River, however I’m pleased to report that there were no major incidents that occurred.  Several boaters were stopped for miscellaneous violations on the water, but they were educated by our deputies who continually preach safety as a top priority.

One of the 5 Operating Under the Influence (OUI) arrests that MCSO made this weekend involved a Noel Loffer, 35, of Sun City, CA, who was charged with three counts of Felony Aggravated OUI with children under 15 years old onboard.  On Saturday (9/2), at about 4:50 p.m., MCSO Waterways Deputies observed a boat making a large wake in the No Wake Zone of Thompson Bay.  Upon contacting the Operator he admitted to consuming 7 beers and a shot of liquor.  Noel was arrested and submitted to a test of his blood alcohol concentration (BAC) which was .128%.  During the contact, deputies determined there were three children on board of the vessel, all under 11 years of age.

MCSO Waterways Deputies investigated 2 non-injury boat crashes.  These consisted of a PWC that struck the shore near Steamboat Cove and a boat that had a mechanical failure and ran ashore in the river near Mohave Rock.  We also investigated one minor injury boat crash involving a female who was riding in a boat that was traveling in the North Basin.  The female fell inside of the boat and injured her back.  She was transported to the Havasu Regional Medical Center.

The non-injury boat Crash in the Colorado River near Mohave Rock involved a twin motor 28 foot Eliminator that was traveling 80 miles per hour when it suffered from a mechanical failure on its right outdrive.  This caused the boat to veer to the right, and ultimately crash into the Arizona Shoreline.  See picture below.


MCSO also responded to a medical call at Three Dunes Cove where a male subject, 28 years old from Burbank, CA, dove head first into the water from the top of a rented house boat.  The subject entered the water, which was approximately 4 feet deep, and struck his head and face on the lake bottom.  He was up and walking around when deputies arrived, and only suffered cuts and scrapes to his face and head. He was transported to Havasu Regional Medical Center.  Alcohol was a factor.  See picture below.


MCSO Deputies responded to a near drowning at Davis Camp in Bullhead City on Saturday (9/2) at about 8:00 a.m.  Investigations determined that Alberto Perez, 46, of Riverside, CA, was swimming in the Colorado River off the Davis Camp Beach.  He advised that he was swimming when the current pulled him to the middle of the river.  He was then pulled from the water, as he was unconscious, by Good Samaritans.  CPR was performed by the Good Samaritans until medical personnel from the Bullhead City Fire Department arrived on scene and transported him to the Hospital.  At the hospital, Alberto was awake, conscious, and suffered no ill effects from the incident.  Alberto did advise that he is not a strong swimmer and was not wearing a life jacket.

MCSO Waterways Deputies contacted a male subject on the top of the BNSF Railway Bridge that crosses over the Colorado River near the Interstate 40 in Topock.  The male subject advised that he was planning on jumping from the bridge into the water below.  Sergeant Cox said, “Not only is this area posted as a no trespassing, but it is extremely unsafe to jump from or to be on the bridge.  The male subject was charged with trespassing”.

MCSO Waterways Deputies observed an unoccupied PWC traveling south near Body Beach on Monday (9/4) at about 5:00 p.m.  As the deputies got closer, they observed two male subjects frantically swimming towards it.  They also observed a female attempting to swim towards the PWC, but she was struggling and choking on water.  Deputies were able to pull the female from the water.  She advised that she was not a strong swimmer, and was struggling trying to catch up to the PWC.  She was wearing a lifejacket, but it did not fit properly.  Upon speaking with the operator, it was determined that he had the safety lanyard that was designed to be clipped on a lifejacket, wrapped around his wrist.  He further advised that when they fell, the lanyard came off of his wrist.  Upon speaking with him, he lied about his name several times.  He eventually admitted that his name was Morrell Benn, 29, of Las Vegas, NV.  He was booked into custody for false information to law enforcement, a misdemeanor.