Man Attempted To Hit RP With Vehicle

Posted on Wednesday, May 18th, 2016 at 11:50 AM

PD advised of a male subject who attempted to hit another male with his vehicle, occurred in the 400 block of Hummingbird.

RP is in a white truck following the Suspect (Brandon) who is in a red jeep.

RP advising they are traveling on Jamaica and McCulloch

RP updating direction of travel McCulloch to Chesapeake

RP advising the Suspect is known to carry a .45

Suspect last seen on Cheapeake, RP can no longer see the suspect.

Officers have located the jeep on McCulloch and Jamaica headed Northbound

Suspect turning onto Bermuda

Officer caught up to Brandon at 3000 block of El Dorado.

Another officer is out with the RP.

Investigation revealed that the two had a verbal argument while in their vehicles stopped at a light over one working for the other, calling the other person a “rip off” and the RP states that the other individual swerved at him. “Brandon” (in this incident) states that the RP was tailgating him real hard so he brake checked him. Officers are going to take a Field Investigation report and let them both go with no action taken.

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