LHCPD welcomes officer Teschler

Posted on Monday, December 19th, 2016 at 4:59 PM

December 16, 2016, twenty-two police officer recruits graduated from the Western Arizona Law Enforcement Training Academy in Lake Havasu City. These recruits underwent 19 weeks of rigorous training in a paramilitary environment. The training included firearms, physical agility, driving, academics, defensive tactics, and various other training. One of those recruits will be a Lake Havasu City Police Officer.  Officer Dylan Teschler will attend one week of post academy training at the police department before embarking on a 16 week field training program. We want to welcome Officer Teschler to the police department.

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35 comments on “LHCPD welcomes officer Teschler”

  1. gerrylee50 Reply

    Welcome Officer Dylan Teschler to Lake Havasu. It will be good to have you.


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