LHCPD Warns of Scam in Lake Havasu City


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The Lake Havasu City Police Department wants to warn the community about a scam seen recently in Lake Havasu City. The scam involves an official looking letter mailed to commercial locations asking for a check in the amount of $150 made payable to “CFS” or “Compliance Filing Services”. The fee is allegedly to file a company’s annual minutes. The following information was released by the Arizona Corporation Commission in April of 2016 but it seems the fraudulent letter is being sent out again to local businesses.

The Arizona Corporation Commission warns Arizona business owners about a solicitation from Compliance Filings Services (CFS) that seeks a $150 fee to file a company’s annual minutes. The Arizona Corporation Commission is not affiliated with Compliance Filings Services. The Commission does not require such a fee and businesses are not required to file “annual minutes” with the Commission.

CFS uses language in its solicitation that implies it is informing corporations of a legal requirement, and cites statutes that may make it seem legitimate. The solicitation includes the Arizona Corporation Commission file number assigned to the business with an official-looking deadline to file. The return address is associated with a business complex. A sample of the solicitation is posted on the Commission’s website under Consumer Alerts. Again, this solicitation is not generated by the Arizona Corporation Commission, and no fee for annual minutes is owed to the Commission.

If you have received this document, you are not required to reply. If you wish to file a complaint, you can contact the Arizona Attorney General’s at 1-(800)-352-8431. To file the complaint online, please visit the Attorney General’s web site at www.azag.gov.

Anyone that has been a victim of this scam can also contact the Lake Havasu City Police Department at (928) 855-1171.