#LHCFD# Vehicle Fire


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Dumptruck type vehicle on fire at HWY 95 and Industrial.

Fire Department en route.

Officers en route.

Northbound and Southbound traffic stopped and being re-directed by LHCPD.

No Injuries.

Fire Under Control.

16 Yard dump box full of dirt – and FD is requesting a tow for it.

It’s called a “Super 16” because it has 3 axles.

Officers are advising dispatch they may be able to start it up and move it. Tow companies here in LHC are unable to assist – will need Parker Tow if they’re unable to start it. Still trying.

Vehicle Started – Cancelling Tow.

HWY now being opened.

PD is advising the fire started for unknown causes.

Below photos compliments of Justin Bernal



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