#LHCPD# Vehicle Accident


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PD en route to 1 mile down from Crazy Horse for a report of a vehicle turned upside down on the bike path.

FD en route.

PD arriving on scene.

PD advising one subject with a cut on his head.

PD is advising there are three subjects in total. One subject was ejected from the vehicle, is laying on the ground unconscious.

Additional FD engine being dispatched to the scene of the accident.

Additional PD Units being dispatched.

Additional Ambulance being dispatched to the scene.

2nd Ambulance has been cancelled.

1 Patient will be transported to the hospital due to intoxication – not from vehicle accident. This patient was not involved in the accident, he was on the path when the accident occurred.

2 Patients will be signed-off refusals. No further medical treatment necessary by emergency personnel.